Climate Scam Has Less Time Than They Thought

A new study by top climate fraudster Michael Mann says “we” have less time than “we” thought to stop global warming.

Actually, “we” thought Michael Mann is a liar and crook and global warming is a scam, but putting that aside for a minute – the UN said we ran out of time seventeen years ago.

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How many times will these criminals known as “climate scientists” continue to get away with repeating these same lies?

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21 Responses to Climate Scam Has Less Time Than They Thought

  1. Ron Hotchkiss says:

    I find it rather amusing watching these people make fools of themselves.

  2. Andy DC says:

    You can only hope that the public wakes up and sees them for what they are-shrill, desperate, evil people that are losing their grip on their funding, status and sanity.

  3. John says:

    David Attenborough promotes the manmade global warming story. The producer of his show ‘Planet Earth’ was captured on a video recently as he assaulted a family in England in a road rage incident.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      “I do want you dead! In fact I want you dead right now! Get back in your car before you die!”

      Fergus Beeley exhibits the same homicidal impulses as American leftists. I know people like him. This is the most commonly heard argument against gun ownership in several decades of their anti-Second Amendment campaigns:

      “There will be bloodshed! You will shoot people dead over parking spots! You will kill them in road accidents! Carnage in the streets! Aaaaaah!”

      I’ve learned to take their projections seriously. They know themselves. It’s good that most of them don’t carry guns.

  4. John says:

    I have asked numerous people this question and noone has answered it correctly. What is the earthquake rating system in use since the 1980’s?

    • John says:

      Hmmm. No comment. It is the earthquake moment magnitude scale based on the total amount of energy released by an earthquake most of which is said to be in the form of heat caused by the tectonic plates grinding together. The large 2004 quake released enough heat to melt all of the Arctic sea ice.

  5. John says:

    Ever notice how fast a rock heats up when it is hit with a hammer? The calorie was defined by stirring water with paddles connected to a falling weight drive. The increase in temperature of the water was measured and the known potential energy of the falling weight figured in. The violent disturbance of the ocean during an earthquake suggests additional warming involving megacalories.

    • Kris J says:

      John….. okay so put some BTUs on it so we can get a 30,000-ft picture. How many BTUs/KJs are needed to melt the artic ice, and how much is absorbed by the oceans as increased temperature – not just mechanical work. Joule was doing his experiments in an insulated container, and not pushing rocks uphill, etc

  6. John says:

    The 9.2 earthquake in 2004 released about 10e23 Joules according to the earthquake heat formula used to rate earthquakes. That is about as much energy as the earth receives from the sun in ten days or 20,000,000 one megaton hydrogen bombs.

    • Kris J says:

      1. It would take 10^22 Joules to overcome the enthalpy of fusion of all the arctic sea ice in April, and 10^21 Joules in September, so your number above is in the ballpark.
      2. HOWEVER, when you state it “released” that amount of energy, you’re talking about mainly mechanical work – not necessarily ‘heat’. Joules exist in many forms, as we all know.
      3. So the next question is, how much of this energy is merely used to change a shoreline 1,000 miles away, versus imparting “heat” to the sea water.

      • John says:

        Since the kinetic energy of a tectonic plate can be estimated and because the plate or shoreline eventually stopped moving, the kinetic energy must have been converted to heat or potential energy. The earthquake science says that most is converted to heat. The graphs show a correlation that might be hard to get between a graph of thermostat setting and temperature in one’s living room.

  7. John says:

    The textbook geology says most of the energy is realeased in the form of heat between the plates from the friction and shearing off of rock as in heat generated in the brakes of a car. I have not seen the heating of the water by earthquakes referred to in the earthquake science.

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