Every Single Day In July Has Cooled Over The Past Century

From 1917 to 2016, July maximum temperatures in the US dropped about 1.5F.

Even more remarkable is that all 31 individual days in July cooled over the same time period. The animation below cycles through each of the days. The 1930’s were much hotter than recent years on each day of the month.

But never mind actual data. Global warming is going to make Aardvarks starve to death.

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2 Responses to Every Single Day In July Has Cooled Over The Past Century

  1. Psalmon says:

    Almost on queue, the NY Times tells us today that Summers are now burning up compared to 1951-1980…a very convenient starting point.


  2. Andy DC says:

    Even if you throw out the 1930’s as some kind of freak of nature, there is still for sure no uptrend. The alarmists can take their catastrophic warming mantra and stick it you know where!

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