Record Summer Cold Continues At The North Pole

The short polar melt season is almost half over, and hasn’t actually begun yet.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

But no worries. NASA’s top climate prophet says the Arctic is ice-free and we are toast.

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

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189 Responses to Record Summer Cold Continues At The North Pole

  1. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Climate profit. That’s what it’s all about.

    • William says:

      Climate profit by those who spout the loudest for State control and socialism.
      Go figure…

      • yaszi weisz says:

        You’re right.american left adopted “climate nonsense””global so-called warming into their religion to control masses,like Joseph
        Stalin controlled USSR,or Mao-tse-tung’s China,Pol-Pot,Castro
        and now Maduro in Venesuela.Since we all know “socialism is a mental disorder”,women resorted selling their HAIR to feed children.a 2nd grader had only a CORN muffin in his mouth by 5PM-etc.etc….

    • Chuck says:

      Bingo. That’s all it’s about.

    • johnsmith12361 says:

      The ONLY undeniable truth to “Climate Change” or “Global Warning” is that politicians use it to scare people into believing it in order for them to line their pockets with cash.

      Leftists have no morals or ethics. Obama and his liberal cronies hate the Constitution and free market capitalism. He destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and immigration amnesty. The “Affordable” Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $550/month. (Compare this to my $25/month car insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance… both private enterprise!)

      Obama cared more about his climate change cult than he did keeping Americans safe.

      • Beef McWin says:

        You have nailed it. Thanks for this post.

      • Don Barrett says:

        You are exactly RIGHT! If you want further proof, check who has been buying CARBON CREDITS!!!

        • Clieser says:

          Yep. Isn’t everything. Could it be Obama. Isn’t he going to head the Carbon Exchange centered in Chicago?

      • Ronald Reagan says:

        Obama isn’t President. Democracy is over so forget car insurance or any profit soon. You have an evolving Autocracy with your strongman dictator. Enjoy.

        • William Moser says:

          Yah. Obama lies (and lies), sells-out American interests, weaponizes IRS, EPA and others, floods communities with refugees and illegals. And calls middle-class business-owners “greedy” and ‘Democracy is over,” after 100 days of DJT.

          Leftists are lying morons…

        • Jim Croft says:

          I’m confused are you living in some alternative reality. Now if you were a random social media freak I could understand the coment.

        • Heartland Patriot says:

          Aw, are you upset that your “Dear Comrade” HRC didn’t get to head the Supreme Soviet? Too bad, so sad, go pound sand.

        • Patriot Dayz says:

          Enjoying. Thank you.

        • Steve Dockstader says:

          Funny (sadly ironic) how you project the reality of Obama onto Trump, and with such ease! There is no autocracy whatsoever going on and no dictatorial action/mentality whatsoever! That was the past administration for eight years solid…totally circumvented established law, and used office to punish detractors, big time.. Oh but that was ok somehow and nothing to worry about. Nothing like that happening now! Snap out of it!

        • Jimmy says:

          Thanks for your good thoughts. BTW we live in a republic. The republic is going to be just fine. You may even live long enough to enjoy it.

        • Cube says:

          Ah, more projection from a clueless liberal, must be Griff with yet another name. Obama was the autocrat, appointing “czars”‘ over reaching with legislative executive orders, amd directing the quasi judicial agencies to oversetp their congressional mandate. What autocratic thing has Trump done?

      • Andy says:

        Insurance Panda troll! Oh, how I’ve missed you!

      • a nunes says:

        the last one to push it was ass breathe porch monkey stew laced with crack cocaine and a sprinkle of muslim terrorism was———————— Obama— aka———0=0=0

      • Big Dog says:


      • Domenic says:

        You never give u with your insurance BS! What is the monthly fee for insuring my panda?

      • Domenic says:

        You never give up with your insurance BS! What is the monthly fee for insuring my panda?

      • Floyd smoot says:

        Thanks for the Insurance Pandaspam!

      • Patriot Dayz says:

        When’s insurance panda gonna start offering health insurance?

    • alex says:

      nailed it !

    • james says:

      Profit is the correct and only answer , the amount of Co2 we could avoid making is not even a amount that would make any temperature difference !
      But if we blame man , people will feel guilty and will agree to pay taxes and follow regulations that funnel money where no one can trace !

  2. FrankTrades says:

    Google the words: Sea Level NOAA Battery. The graph shows no trend change back to 1850-The onset of the Industrial Revolution. Such a linear trend implies the absence of any pronounced influence on climate outside of nature. If there were a correlation between warming and CO2 in the atmosphere, an obvious disturbance of this linear trend would be present.

    • Masada11 says:

      Great point Frank. Rising CO2 levels, if they were having an impact would see an upward deflection of the curve. This shows that man made CO2 is not the cause of global warming. It also shows that the complexitity of climate is not fully understood and that the association of CO2 and global warming is faulty. Water vapour is much more at fault. Those will say that CO2 leads to the temperature rise which leads to more water vapour, but then again the NOAA sea level battery would, again, not be linear if this was the case. The scientific method, probability, stastisically insignificant or significant errors, regression analysis, modeling etc. are not understood by the public, who are in turn manipulated by the politicians who provide grants to “climate experts” to validate the politicians goals to siphon money from the non-well connected, to tax us to benefit themselves all in the name of “altruism”. See Al Gore. If the politicians ever decided that there was no global warming, because again this was not based on science, you would see much different reports coming out of our ivory towers.

      • arn says:

        There is anyway a huge mistake in saying:”co2 leads to temperature rise,which leads to more water vapor”

        As more water vapor would lead to a much higher temperature rise,as water vapour is a much much stronger climate gas existing in much higher quantities.
        This new water vapor based temperature rise would lead to much higher temperatures which would lead to much more water vapor which would lead much higher temperatures
        =this would mean on a 70%+water covered planet an ever increasing cycle of rising temperatures.
        While in fact this does not happener and has never happened,even not in times when co2 concentrations has been 5-10* higher than today.

        In fact,more clouds just mean a more balaced temperature.
        In cloudless deserts you ‘ll get 50degrees celsius during the day and almost zero degress celsius at night,
        while with clouds you will get 35 degrees during daytime
        and 15 degrees celsius at night.
        (a much more balancee and comfortable place to live)

        • Bitmap says:

          Actually the temperature swing in the dessert climate is what makes it hospitable. Passive heating and cooling relies on the temperature differential. You store heat in the form of the cool night time air in a thermal mass which then absorbs the daytime heat cooling your home as a side effect. During the winter you store the daytime heat in the same thermal mass which re-radiates it at night helping to keep your home comfy.

      • Budd Morrison says:

        Finally…. some santity. Thanks

    • J Nodam Way says:

      Frank Trade , thanks for that link & info! I’m going to use it to make liberal head’s explode!
      Masada 11 , Thanks for the explanation!

    • Jim says:

      Looks like it’s gone up half a meter since 1850. Oh, I see — word games — not “change”, but “trend change”. The rising trend continues unchanged.

      • Ktm says:

        The Warmists haven’t figured out how to meddle with the individual long run tide gauges yet.

        They have tried to push ‘adjusted averages’ of many tide gauges, which they of course skew to show an upward shift in trend.

        But people who want to use their own brain and look at the individual rude gauges will see a whole lot of straight line trends that don’t even blink at the post-1950 ‘CO2 Era’.

    • Rob M says:

      If one actually views all of the recorded and predicted sea level trends for countries for which data is available it paints a very inconsistent picture. In many places the trend is predicting and bearing out a decline in sea level (Norway). In other places there is predicted incline in the trend, but the recorded trend is significantly lower or showing a decline (costa rica, chile). There are of course areas with both predicted and recorded trends that have an increase, but which is a pretty linear trend, not curving. Further inconsistency is in the fact that in many cases the trend prediction has an error margin that is well above the predicted value of the increase, for instance a predicted rise of 1.13 mm per year with an error margin of +-3.7mm! Additionally, for some island chains such as the Philippines one island is showing a rise, while another a decline; and for some countries there are areas of no rise, areas of decline, and areas of flat for the same country on the same body of water!

    • james says:

      Frank , thanks for the insight no media has shown !
      The amount Of Bu*l S**T science has used the numerology science which makes numbers to show anything you desire using math !

      In Politics I assumed is the only science that says one thing but mean something else but find there is math also !
      Want to save the planet Earth shut down Japan nuke reactors and all prone Earthquake zone nuke reactors.

    • Dmh says:

      A spike in 1998, a dip in 2008 another spike in 2010 and no rise in the last ~ 20 years – this plot looks like the evolution of global surface temperatures IMO.

      • Dmh says:

        I mean, if the trend of world temperature’s reverse – due to prolonged minimum of solar activity – the graph seems to indicate that the rise in sea level could stop or reverse too.

    • James Walter says:

      Look at the CO2 versus temperature for the previous 4 big ice ages. After the peak in temperature, You will see that the temperature goes down, but the CO2 level stays high – for quite some time – as the temperature continues to plummet. Therefore, CO2 cannot be the driver – if it was, then the temperatures could not drop.

  3. Traveler says:

    Passed over the east coast of southern Greenland, just south of 62 degrees north latitude the other day. Took some photos. There is still snow there.

  4. Griff says:

    We’ve got 10 weeks of the melt season to go – the most important 10 weeks, when the melt really kicks in…

    And the ice is thin and broken…

    The only question is how low it goes… only in the bottom 4/second worst/beats 2012…

    • gator69 says:

      No Ms Griff, the only real question is… why do you hate poor brown people?

    • Robert Austin says:

      Griff has her fingers crossed for the ice holocaust this summer. Is Griff the new Reggie? Remember Reggie’s blowtorch that sputtered out and Reggie disappearing from the blog in embarrassment.

      • Stewart Pid says:

        Nah reggie is still over at Jim’s board but I don’t recall Griff there. I haven’t been there since mid winter so things may have changed. There is an abundance of unthinking, useful idiots haunting skeptic sites & spouting their nonsense as they have been programmed to do.

        • Cube says:

          Griff, Reggie, same guy, different ID. Paid trolls rotate through dozens of fake IDs as they spew nonsense across the blogosphere.

    • AndyG55 says:

      WRONG and LYING, as usual, aren’t you griff.

      Stop injecting crap, maybe you will stop spewing crap.

      Continual DENIAL of Arctic ice history and the fact that the current sea ice level is higher than it has been for some 90-95% of the last 10,000 year, shows your gross and wilful ignorance.

      • Vern Daman says:

        You are the one spreading lies. Do you know when the last Ice Age was? It ended 11,500 years ago, which is telling since you want people to think that there was nothing before 10,000 years ago, no weather at all right?

        Recent studies have shown that one out of three liberals is just as stupid as the other two.

        • arn says:

          Recent studies have shown that 1.000.000 out of 1.000.000 progressives still believe
          the AGW crap
          though almost all AGW predictions turned out to be crap and their track record is absolutely pathetic.

          It seems that a fake 97% consensus is enough
          to justify 3% of right predictions
          as 97%+3% =100%.
          Therefore they are 100%.
          And please ignore that these very AGW scientists have been ice age scientists a few years before.

          From 1979 co2 caused ice age apocalyptic predictions to 1988 co2 caused AGW.
          A complete 180 in less than 10 years and people don’t get curious
          and never question authorities.

          These are the very same people who believe in gender crap((a thing that has not existed few years ago and has never ever existed in history of mankind before)and that islam is the religion of peace though islam means subjugation and has a history of 1400 wars and massakers and legal slavery and pedophilia and was created by a pedo massmurder.
          People who believe this will off course believe every crap they are told by authorities.

        • Dale Morris says:

          I just about snorted my drink out my news reading that finding from a recent study. Well Done!

        • AndyG55 says:

          Ok, pack your bags and head of to the last ice age, bozo.

          Seems to be your preference..

          Or are you happy in your inner-city ghetto ?

        • cdquarles says:

          Nope, we are in an ice age now, geologically speaking, since there is plenty of perennial ice on this rock. The last glacial stage ended about 12,000 years ago, so we are in an interglacial period. If the current ice age had ended, we would not be calling the current interglacial period an interglacial, now would we.

        • sunsettommy says:

          Vern, GLACIATION ended around 11,500 years ago.

          WE are still in an ice age,which has persisted for at least 2.6 million years in the Northern Hemisphere.

      • BUZ1952 says:

        Amen! I remember seeing pictures of submarines at the North Pole in the northern hemisphere’s summer and oddly there was no ice. Next we will hear about the ozone hole in Antarctica. Why do they always measure this and comment on it during its winter?

      • griff says:

        Just look at the NSIDC graph…

        • AndyG55 says:

          Yes, Its about the same as it has been for a decade.

          And its FAR higher than it used to be before the extreme cold of the LIA.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Why do you remains so woefully IGNORANT of Arctic sea ice history griff.

          You can clearly see from the Icelandic Sea Ice Index that the late 1970’s is up there with the LIA.

          The current level is a drop from that EXTYREME, and is highly beneficial for all those living up there.

          Stop being such a dull-minded, wilfully ignorant prat.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Griff, tell us one single problem with having less Arctic sa ice, like back before the extremes of the LIA and the late 1970’s

      Open seas for at least a short while would be a massive benefit to all those living up there. Commerce, fishing, travel etc

      As gator says.. why do you wish for people to suffer ????

      … it really is a sick and disgusting position to take.

      but that is who you are, isn’t it griff..

      a sad, sick and disgusting little piece of slimy troll excrement.

      • griff says:

        It affects the jet stream and thus the global weather patterns/N hemisphere climate.

        In ways not necessarily good for the inhabitants.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Your rock gets cold and wet?

          Crawl back under it.

        • AndyG55 says:

          The jet stream was much the same in 1977..

          … when CO2 was much lower.

          You are displaying your woeful ignorance, yet again.

        • gator69 says:

          In ways not necessarily good for the inhabitants.

          And CAGW alarmism is good for these people?

        • sunsettommy says:

          Ha ha ha, try telling that to Egypt and Mesopotamia,who often THRIVED, during the times of little to no Summer sea ice levels in the Arctic.

          Notice that you didn’t support your claims of future woe……….

          You are as usual being irrational.

    • Bill says:

      400PPM dumbass, think about it……..and then bugger off, you haven’t got a clue. This is a site for people who do.

    • Thomas Geraghty says:

      What is truly “broken” is your ability to recognize political propaganda disguised as the Climate Change movement. This type of propaganda is a page right out of Soviet agit-prop (agitation propaganda). This is a form of political, psychological warfare. You maybe unknowingly participating in this, or you are a socialist promoting higher-taxes and broader socialist programs for the USA. If you are just a dupe, just ask yourself how Carbon Taxes will save the environment? How will garnering more money to government (and harming private enterprise) clean up the air and water, when your will be charging people a tax so they can pollute the air? Really. Wake up.

      • William says:

        From the “ice age” warnings of the 70’s to the ozone layer frying everyone by year 2000 to now man made global climate change and warming the M.O has always been the same….
        Alarm, dire warnings, hit the schools and kids with scare tactics about dying baby animals to get them on your side, call anyone who does not agree a “Denier” as if they are denying the Holocaust.
        Next step- pour grant money into groups and people who will support the political argument. Call the science settled. Freeze out everyone else.
        The solutions are always the same….more taxes, vastly more regulation of raw materials, industry and output.
        Meaning…State control of natural resources and industry. Socialism.

      • Clieser says:

        Just another money grab by the world’s elites. Please.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Griff – we all know that you aren’t the brightest crayon in the box but look carefully at the DMI graph and u can clearly see that the temperatures roll over and begin to decline in about 20 days and that is what Tony is taking about. The melting continues for sometime after this point but day 205 of the year / July 24th is when u can see temps start to decline , slowly at first but a blind man could see the change in the trend.
      Do try and look and learn Griffy.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Ms Griff, there is no polite way to say what you are.

    • sunsettommy says:

      Still in delusion stage,Griff……

      You simply can’t grasp that it is CURRENTLY well above average,compared to the entire interglacial period.

      Here it is again,the science paper among many that shows it to be above average:

      The CHART,×496.jpg

      The published science paper,

  5. shavante says:

    Is anybody looking to see correlations in the extreme magnetic fluctuations, high atmospheric temperatures, that all impact ice parameters?

  6. JAMES HANSEN says:

    OK, I ADMIT IT! Its all a hoax that is designed to get me some grant money and to scare little kids and low IQ democrats.

  7. JAMES HANSEN says:

    my comment is awaiting censorship

  8. Ash says:

    With out a disaster there is no cause, with out a cause there is no research money and with out research money there is no job and no job = no more money to making up create a catastrophic global warming event.

  9. Jim says:

    Hansen and Al Gore are the Chicken Littles of our age. Al Gore said in 2007 that the arctic ice cap would be gone in ten years. Ten years later its still here and shows no signs of imminent demise. Their predictions of massive sea level rises have not materialized. Global temperatures over the last twenty years have actually dropped slightly. But lets not confuse them with the facts.

    • bernard says:

      ALGOR has falsely predicted catastrophes general and specific since he got his butt whipped by Bush, Sort of lost his mind. I now will make a prediction, every bit as fact based and well thought out as any by ALGOR – within ten years, yes, TEN – easily within our lifetimes and thereby refutable – ALGOR will have completely disappeared from the public eye. Though they dodge and weave (global warming-climate change- BIG!!! storms) it is all still based on Man Made CO2. Yet, lo after all these many years they have yet to come up with any actual verifiable, falsifiable, mechanism for that to work and cannot even show how the CO2 from my tailpipe of my LARGE SUV on long Island gets into the air above the Arctic. And do not even get me started on that extremely large, yellow, hot ball of gas a mere 93 million miles away. Is it possible that such an object might, just might, have an effect on our weather and climate – over the 4.5 billion years Earth has been here???
      When large, grandiose lcaims are made by politicians and hack scientists with weak or no factual basis, and an energetic attempt is made to SILENCE any opposing voices (call names – denier- lock them up, execute them, deny them work, etc…) one can be absolutely certain that a dog and pony show for evil ends is under way.

  10. bobthemoron says:

    I just love Gore-bal Warming. I get to wear my goose down jacket and my ski bib all summer here in Florida.

  11. William says:

    I am not a scientist. So really the question for average people like me is
    “What does it all mean?”
    If the ice is thicker up North and solar activity is so low what are we looking at this coming winter when we have arctic air sweep South? Here in the South it was a mild winter. Spring was early but cooler and wetter than normal. Looking at wooly bears hasnt helped so i have stopped predicting what will happen each winter. Just keep insulating, making things more efficient and hope for the best.

  12. Dr. Reality says:

    “Unless we act boldly and quickly to deal with the underlying causes of global warming, our world will undergo a string of terrible catastrophes,” said Gore in the movie’s introduction. I can just picture the millennial and genX snowflakes sitting in the theaters, chomping on popcorn, and experiencing a shiver of fear as Gore spoke.

    • William says:

      Hay…dont blame GenX! We are in our 40’s now. After 25 years of “We are the World” we have wised up some. None of my friends believe this nonsense anymore.
      But when kids spend 12 plus years being fed political ideology instead of learning math this is what you get. Millennial “social justice warriors” who know how to burn and beat people, but not get a job. What can anyone expect? We put our kid son the bus and never pay attention to what they learn in public school.
      Remember too, Gen X is the last new generation to see a REAL economic recovery.

    • yarpos says:

      apparently Stephen Hawkin had them weeping in the aisles with tales of apocalyptic Trump induced temperature runaway recently.

  13. David Grimes says:

    More evidence of that dreaded global warming, QUICK, someone call Algore.

  14. Russ Allen says:

    What I find really sinister in all this is that vast climate disasters do happen, but the trigger seems to come from space: i. e. large impacts from comets/asteroids or perhaps immense solar flares like the Carrington Event.
    Yet here we are, with everyone focused inward for the cause rather than outward, and the proposed “solutions” seem to be perfectly tailored to ensure we cannot develop what we’d need to deal with such a threat.

  15. AndrewS says:

    Got here from Drudgereport. ;)

  16. Sam Cole says:

    The ongoing weather changes we are undergoing are, I believe, man made. Only it is not the common man forcing the change, it is the Al Gore and such bunch that have touted their solution of “free energy” for wind mills and solar panels.

    As a person of 77 plus years, I went to what would now be consider an old fashioned school. They actually taught you what you needed to know in the functional world of that time. I have always remembered the day when Mr. Ditch pulled down the roll sheet to show us how “Death Valley” helps create out weather in southern Ohio and how cities, as the building grow higher, create a down wind effect that has (in the mid 1950’s) changed the existing weather of thousands of years, down wind of any building or windmill that removes energy from where it used to flow and either removes it or diverts it elsewhere.

    We have traveled a lot and have seen thousands of the new “free” power wind mills around the world. We have seen solar farms and read about how they are creating “free” energy for use elsewhere.

    In the past 27 years, as wind power projects have sprouted across the world, it appears to me that the human race is made up of fools, willing to follow the people like Gore that tell them you can get something for nothing. When one of the most proven facts of our universe is, “For every action, there is a reaction.” Each wind project, does in effect, raise the height of the surface it is mounted on and each rise in height changes the down wind flow of weather. In addition, as each wind mill or solar panel steals its “free energy” to generate its “free” electricity they combine in their individual forced exchange of energy to create massive diversions of down wind effects.

    Personally, I believe, in a decade or so the human race will suddenly enter into the new panic as Al Gore and his type, suddenly state this simple fact was not in their computations and now, we must reverse the wind mills and use them as giant fans to restore the weather flow back to the period before “something for nothing” became their cry for funding their projects to save the human race and now, the reverse must be done. Suddenly, their new nuclear power plants will be required to furnish the power to place us on a path to restoring the world’s weather or the oceans will raise and cities will flood and Polar bears will die. All they need, is more funding for their caring for the world and saving the human population.

    The heating of Death Valley during the day, creates updrafts that drag cooler air from the west to fill the valley at night with air from the west, that will updraft tomorrow and move east. However, now they are successful, the energy that created the heated desert that creates the air moving updrafts at night has been removed. And everyone stands around and wonders, why is Death Valley getting hotter and why has the weather changed to the east?

    All one can do, is ask people to think about it.

  17. Jack Pod says:

    The climate kooks and the fake news media are one and the same. Worthless!

  18. Moriss says:

    What people fail to understand is that the climate (up or down trends) are 99% results of the sun, the remaining 1% are result of the thermal mass of the oceans, wind patterns and cloud cover. The human produced CO2 is not involved at all, because CO2 concentrate on the ground and is being absorbed by the photosynthesis effect of the plants and the plankton in the oceans.
    In order to create greenhouse effect, CO2 must be in concentrations of million times the present level and make it somehow to stay in the stratosphere for decades and decades and to create its own ring or layer around the earth.
    No such conditions exists in the atmosphere on earth because the up-wailing and down drafts can destroy any such imaginary layer.
    Anyone believing in man (made) cause of climate change, is utterly stubborn and ignorant of the facts and the real cause of climate fluctuations (that such fluctuations are normal for earth).

  19. James D Scianno says:

    Plant population is directly proportional to carbon dioxide. If carbon goes up plants thrive. More plants equal more oxygen. Earth is designed to balance itself out. Its been here 4 billion years . “Greenhouse gases”, Get it? What a load of bull from theses disingenuous scientists. New York City was supposed to be underwater by now. Al Gore said in “An Inconvenient Truth” New York City would be under water by 2015. Sea levels would rise so much!

    • Tjp says:

      Interestingly trees evolved when carbon dioxide was many times higher. We are starving them with such modern low carbon dioxide. Inland Antarctica has more icepack. This is where the pressure comes from to push the glaciers into ice shelves over the water and as the move farther out they flex with tidal forces and the water beneath (and the salt water erodes them nicely). So more inland ice mean more calving of icebergs. Greenland glaciers disappearing… No, they have coastal ice melting but the inland ice is increasing. South of the Antarctic Circle there are 8 stations to measure temperatures for the regions data. Many data collection sites in the northern hemisphere are in airport or urban areas and as we increase jet traffic and make urban areas denser we increase those temperatures. And they extrapolate temperatures where no measurements are taken. So what they are modeling is biased to higher temperatures, and then they throw out the “bad data” that doesn’t agree with their models. If researchers are on the global warming / man made climate change side, they get grant money easily. If they are on the other side they have a very very hard time getting grants to do their work.

      So much of what they are pushing is unsound science. Even the 97% of climate scientists agree … That was not what it seems. The scientists that “agreed” say they didn’t agree, and their work is misinterpreted.

      What I’d like to see is a constellation of satellites pointed at earth and the sun. 100% coverage. Track the potential heat gain from the sun from the direction of the earth. Track the heat loss from the earth from all sides. And the temperatures in the atmosphere and earths surface. You can of course collect all sorts of other data as well, like magnetic flux, etc. as an aside. Compare the solar output to heat loss from the earth and actual full coverage land and water equates to poles temperatures. Of and map sea heights too.

      Then with real data published (the raw data not cherry picked) make a real hypothesis and see if it can become a real explainable theory as to what is happening.

      Lastly, before every ice age has come a sharp and sudden (geologically speaking) rise in temperature just before the precipitous drop.

  20. Marvin L. Jones PhD says:

    Scientific data reveal atmospheric carbon dioxide is a trailing indicator to temperature change. These data cover over 400,000 years and was developed by the Russians and French.

  21. I am NOT a climate science expert, but try to follow Energy issues (particularly in the US Gulf Coast). We’ve just finished an article on Natural Gas. Just send an email for a copy.

  22. greg says:

    We have had property on the Atlantic coast is S. Florida for the past 60 years and the ocean is still exactly where it was 60 years ago. We have seen beaches come and go but at the end of the day the ocean is still the same. Who are we tiny humans to think we can alter the weather. Where is it written what the perfect temperature of the earth should be?

    • Ktm says:

      50 years ago the experts of the time predicted that by the year 2000 sea levels would rise 10 feet. That was the top end of the range they predicted, but then they used only that one scenario to predict further into the future.

      They predicted that antarctica and Greenland would melt down as quickly as 400 years, at a rate of one foot of sea level rise per year. They also had a less extreme estimate that sea level might only rise 4 feet every 10 years.

      I live in the rocky mountains, so i don’t have your experience. If sea level was rising 4 feet every 10 years, would you have noticed that by now?

    • griff says:

      Sell now.

      Within a decade it will be unsaleable and uninsureable.

      • AndyG55 says:


        You are one of the most GULLIBLE , ANTI-SCIENCE twerps on the web.

        There has been absolutely NO acceleration of sea level, and as greg says.. no change in 60 years.

        No change where I have lived for a long time, either.

        But you wouldn’t know that, tucked away in your fetid inner-city ghetto basement.

      • gator69 says:

        Ms Griff hates poor brown people, and gives lousy real estate advice.

        I have family all over Florida, and none of them have witnessed any measurable sea rise in their lifetimes. In fact, one relative lives in Coral Gables, and still uses the same concrete dock that was poured for their residence a century ago. Even at high tide, there are no concerns.

        Ms Griff has an agenda, and refuses to acknowledge facts.

  23. The Eagle says:

    Climate change is true !!! I have been on the earth for several decades and it is always hot – in the summer and Cold in the winter.. My daddy experienced the same thing !!! and he told me that my granddad said it was true !!

    So I look at the empirical data it is has raised a degree !!! But in the 70’s it was very cool. So there is a decade change too. I think it is hot now because of all the hot air being generated by all the liberals mouthing Global Warming !!

  24. Stephen P. says:

    You’d figure that since every prediction from the past 25-30 years that Al Gore and Scientist have given hasn’t even had one single one of them come to pass the public would have woke up by now.
    No Sea level rise
    More Polar Bears than in history
    New York sea level hasn’t changed etc.

    It’s all BS.

  25. Ray says:

    I have been listening to “X” ” is COMMING and DOOM!!!!!!!” Now give us money and power” for 40 years. The whole “settled science” thing is getting thin. Oh! and FYI trolls. I have a PhD so I can say this with confidence. The other name for climate change, is weather. Now please take your childish communist party rants and shove them up your climate change. Now if you will pardon me I shall take my rifle, Shoot some wild life, open pit BBQ it in the back yard. Then drive my enormous diesel pick up down to the lake and enjoy the fireworks. All while sporting my MAGA cap. You can just keep your unemployed bottoms in momies basement and eat kale. Looser

  26. sunsettommy says:

    I am pleased to see new names here,expressing skepticism against the absurd AGW conjecture in some way.

  27. Ward Dorrity says:

    Climate Scientologists are everywhere saddened. They’ll all scurry to offer more human sacrifices to their patron saints Hubbard, Barnum and the Holy Lysenko.

    • Tjp says:

      Not the climate scientists. The mechanical engineer Science Guy, and politician Gore, who bought a million dollar beachfront home while claiming the oceans are rising publicly.

  28. Terry T says:

    This whole Climate Hoax is nothing more than a Tax on the Developed Nations i.e., a transfer of wealth to the less developed nations. It is World-wide Socialism.

  29. retiredTeacher says:

    Have your young people read this whenever they come home from school worrying about the polar bears. It will offer some comfort…it is short, clear and easy to understand. Even stubborn adults might “get it.”

  30. George Rusch says:

    Has no one ever taken the time to consider the clue in the name GlowBull WarMing? Could be China’s fault? LibTards always Rat on themselves eventually. Like after a year of RusoPhobia well maybe the Trump Russia thing never was True? We know the temp is bound to go down immediately if not sooner since Gov. Christy Crème was spotted Soaking up Sun on a beach. That has to cause a temp drop of a degree or two! Remember Trump/Putin 2020! Pence for Ambassador to Russia… Hatchet Jack says “Global Warming Late again, I Hate when that Happens!”

  31. Psalmon says:

    20 years before Hansen’s North Pole melt comments, he predicted to Congress we would see massive temperature increases…that also didn’t happen. Don’t hold your breath to 2018 (or 2023 or 2028…).

    Why doesn’t CONGRESS have Hansen back to explain how his forecast was so wildly off and HAD we acted “before it’s to late” it would have been for nothing?

  32. Robert Good says:

    Global warming. Explain why the earth was warm enough to farm around 1200 AD.

  33. Tom says:

    I have somewhat of a different approach to global warming. Global warming plays an important roll in the the cyclical ice ages of our planet. I think that global warming of course ends ice ages but also plays an important roll in the onset of ice ages. Here is my reasoning. As I learned when getting my pilots license as the day heats the atmosphere also expands. As the atmosphere grows the amount of moisture it can hold gets vastly larger and vice versa the colder the atmosphere gets the smaller thus less moisture to fall as snow which causes glaciers and polar caps. Let’s say that the average winter temperature at the poles and high mountain ranges(where glaciers begin their life) rises from 20 F to 22 F. Still cold enough for ice and snow to develop but since the atmosphere has grown because of the warming there will be greater amounts of snow and ice in the polar regions and high mountain ranges. Since the amount of winter snows increases there will be more left behind that does not melt during the shorter summer months. It is my thought that the faster the atmosphere warms the sooner the next ice age begins. The natural state of the universe is cold and icy. Especially from the habitable zones outward around each star.

    We have been coming out of the last age for 10000 years. Ice ages are doomed to naturally end because as they grow they deplete the available moisture to replenish the ice thus there begins a sustained warming period of time where there is more melting during the summer months than additional ice added during winter months. Of course there are naturally occurring events like asteroid impacts, increased volcanic activity, solar minimums or solar maximums and ocean currents that can accelerate the coming and going of ice ages. But the natural cycle is warming then cooling then warming and so on. If by any chance man is warming the climate (which I believe is rather impossible) the warmer it gets the sooner the next ice age will begin.

  34. James says:

    I think, as someone else wrote that the sun contributes to our climate. We have also lived in a fairly mild regime which has denied us the specter of real weather and climate problems. For example, around five thousand years ago, the weather in parts of the southern plains was so bad the Native Americans and buffalo left.

    A prolonged drought killed grass and let the Nebraska Sand Hills blow free as sand dunes around a thousand years ago. This didn’t happen even during the worst of the thirties drought. The drought forced Indians in northwest Iowa to become more nomadic and to hunt buffalo instead of deer. Satelite photos show the remains of old river beds which sand blocked to create some of the lakes which still grace that pasture land. This suggests the destructive conditions have happened before and will visit us again.

    Europeans are genetically similar with more physical mutations than most other populations. Wild fluctuations from ice age to temperate and back to ice age in a generation took a toll on our ancestors. Adverse conditions drastically reduced populations and genetic diversity.

    Our ancestors survived these conditions long before our modern machinery was invented. Greg asked who knows what the perfect temperature should be. Maybe what we have now is as good as it gets and we are returning to normality.

    • Agree! Looking at patterns of population density and civilizations in the New World we can see:
      Before Colombus there were advanced Indian polities in the southern parts of New England, New York and Pennsylvania.
      The Missississippian mound cultures were witnesssed by DeSoto, and destroyed in his wake by epidemics spread from the Spanish managerie that traveled with him. When LaSalle returned exploring southward from Canada he found no towns, no cultivation and buffalo herds unculled stretching to the horizon.
      In the SouthWest the Hopi and other Pueblo Indians persisted despite increasingly frequent droughts. More ancient tribes disappeared.
      California was populated very sparsely by subsistence level populations indicative of frequent unpredictable lengthy droughts. Florida was also lacking in any advanced polities. Perhaps hurricanes were more frequent and more destructive?
      It may well be that America was blessed by a unusually benign constellation of climatic conditions over our very limited less than 500 year experience.

  35. Michele says:

    There is nothing new under the sun. Please note the “sun”.

  36. john hutchins says:

    10,000 years ago, large areas of the Northern Hemisphere were covered by mile deep glaciers. So, something caused “Global Warming”, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m going out on a limb and suggest, could it have been, oh, I don’t know, maybe the sun? Or, people driving SUV’s, or cow flatulence? If it makes you feel better, mail Al Gore, Hillary, Obama or George Soros a nice check.

  37. Brent Dotson says:

    There is an old saying, “war is the health of the state” War always expands power in government. Used to be that wars were more or less temporary. But the government figured out that if you declared war on poverty, drugs, or climate change, etc., you could keep the wars going constantly and permanently sustain your power.

  38. Steven DePriest says:

    There is ONE Absolutely UNDENIABLE TRUTH…about “Global Warming”….it has a few people, VERY, VERY Wealthy.

  39. Caterina says:

    “Climate Change”, like “Sanctuary Cities” is a misnomer invented by the Left to deceive. CC should be renamed “Centralized Global Control” and SC should be renamed “Lawless Cities”.

  40. Ryan hendrix says:

    Anyone forgot that it’s now ?Winter in the Antarctica! The opposite season as we have here in merica. I hope it’s not melting now.

  41. erstatz says:

    Liberals say record cold summer due to North Pole banning guns and cigarettes that contribute to climate change.

  42. Daiwa says:

    The only thing Al Gore’s missing is the sandwich board.

  43. Joseph Campbell says:

    I thought we had a warming problem????

  44. Mark Caplan says:

    The graph shows 2017 at the North Pole as a much warmer than average winter and an average temperature in early summer. The graph does not support the headline: “Record Summer Cold Continues at the North Pole.”

    • tonyheller says:

      Yes it does support the headline. There are only ninety days a year when the pole can melt, and that weather has been record cold this year.
      But thanks for the propaganda.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “The graph shows 2017 at the North Pole as a much warmer than average winter and an average temperature in early summer”

      WRONG !!!

    • Latitude says:

      Either they can’t read…..can’t comprehend what they do read

      …no wonder these imbeciles believe what they do

  45. Latitude says:

    We are lucky enough to be living in the best climate this planet has ever had….

    ..and sick twisted paranoid liberals are out to do their best to ruin it

  46. AndyG55 says:

    WOW.. where did all these posters come from !!

  47. Francisco Machado says:

    Pending disaster is the preeminent justification for sucking money out of the private sector, expanding government and more strenuously imposing its controls – e.g. AGW. That is why we proceed form one disaster to another with no extended period during which government congratulates itself on having caught up with the sequential incumbent end of the world as we know it problems. Things will never be O.K. because government relies upon disaster, needs disaster, nourishes itself on disaster.

  48. Jeffrey Wilson says:

    Hell if he got half the shit right he wouldn’t be a prophet, he’d be an average guesser. He hasn’t got half right, so he’s a fraud.

  49. Doug says:

    It is all a way for the left to take freedom away and give more power to those that seek to control our lives. Jesus Christ had 2 rules love the Lord your God above everything, and love your neighbor like yourself. It is really fairly simple, but those that love power love anything that will give them more of it with no regard to the poor or the people they say they are there to protect.

  50. Retrometas says:

    Debating the radical left is like trying to convince water to flow uphill: its illogical, unproductive and pointless. The unhinged left — and this must be said clearly — has no role to play in deciding our nation’s future. Its none of their damn business. They contribute virtually nothing & need to simply do as they’re told.

    • gator69 says:

      Is there a hinged left? When is complete submission to the state not unhinged? And may I pont out that I am much more concerned about the fundamental leftists than I am the radical leftists, much the same as I am infinitely more concerned about the fundamental Muslims than I am their radicals.

      Radicals are looking to change the status quo, fundamentalists are not going to change and they are the parties of “no”. Anyone looking to challenge either Marx or Muhammad is welcome at my table.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I share your opinion about fundamentalists, but as far as radicals are concerned they’d have to be free to think and that’s incompatible with all mutations of Leftism known to date.

        Besides, free radicals are suspected to cause some very malignant mutations themselves … ?

        • gator69 says:

          … they’d have to be free to think and that’s incompatible with all mutations of Leftism known to date.

          Which is exactly what would make them radical.

          rad·i·cal ˈradək(ə)l
          1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

          Though self-aware leftists are not known to exist outside of Schrödinger’s litterbox, we can always hope for change.

  51. Native American says:

    I once lived on top of a great mountain, and I could see that the trees lived below. I thought about this for some time. After I thought of this for a great while, I became very tired and fell asleep. As I was sleeping, I had a great dream and in my dream, the rocks spoke to me on this great mountain. The rock said they heard my thoughts, “why do the rocks live here and the trees below?” Looking across the great mountain, to the trees below, I asked the rocks, “why do the rocks live here and the trees live below?” And the rocks told me to go down the great mountain and ask the trees this question. When I came to the trees, I asked the greatest tree, “why do you live here below the great mountain?” In my dream, the great tree answered me, “We once lived there, among the great rocks. But after a long while, the mountain grew taller and higher. And soon our seed fell from the great mountain, and came to this low land. And we have been here ever since.”

    So I went back to the rocks on the great mountain and told them what the trees said to me. And the great rock said, “it is true, the trees once lived with us on the great mountain. But the world began to change, and the rocks grew taller and higher, and the trees moved away.” And the great rock told me this happened long ago, before there were men. So I asked the rocks, “Would the rocks grow taller and higher?” And the rock said to me, “One day, I will once again live among the land of the trees.” I asked the rocks, “How do they know this?” And the rock said, “I have lived for some time, I have seen many things, and nothing stays the same”

  52. flyfisher111 says:

    Can one of these fools tell me exactly what the earth’s temperature is SUPPOSED to be?

  53. dennis says:

    Climate change, global warming, coming ice age? There are only two options;

  54. griff says:

    PIOMAS volume tracking below 2012 at start of July… extent tracking 2012…

    And still 10 weeks melting to go, with thinner ice than 2012

    • AndyG55 says:

      Arctic sea ice levels are above what they have been for 90-95% of the last 10,000 years.

      PIOMAS is a model.. nothing more, and subject to all the AGW scam they can shove at it.

      Why do you continue to display your wilful ignorance?

      Seems to be that you have no other option, do you, baseless troll.

    • gator69 says:

      Ghoulish Ms Griff is salavating over the idea of snuffing out 8 million this year. She just hates her some poor brown people.

      Ice, ice, baby…

    • Latitude says:

      Griff, you keep beating that thinner ice drum….
      Thanks for pointing out that thinner ice should melt faster..and it’s not melting right now

  55. Will says:

    Wait..slightly below average temperatures = record low? And a melt period that generally lasts for at least 6 months is short? This is why the internet is bad.

    • tonyheller says:

      Because of latent of melting/freezing and 24 hours of sunlight, summer temperatures at the pole can’t drop any lower than they are. But thanks for being a complete moron and putting your ignorance on display.

  56. My latest books and documentary.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    My latest documentary and video of my presentation.
    My website is
    The Trans-mountain Pipeline will add 3/10,000 of 1% CO2 to the atmosphere.
    Besides, CO2 is not a pollutant.
    “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

    • neal s says:

      Congratulations on your latest victory Dr Tim Ball.

      May you and others champion the cause of true science and beat down and beat back those who would commit fraud and lie and directly or indirectly steal. Thanks for your efforts.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Dr Ball,

      Thank you for your perseverance in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and congratulations on the great news we just received about our favorite “Nobel Prize winner’s” courtroom maneuvering.

      He seems to have determined that even the severe consequences of his contempt of court are less damaging than showing his “scientific data and methods” to the world.

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