The Left Gets Stupider With Each Passing Day

Top Google News global warming stories.

  • 90% of Americans don’t know that John Cook fabricated a completely fake 97% global warming consensus.
  • 40% of Americans believe Earth is warmer now than when Antarctica had palm trees.
  • Huffington Post believes that sunscreen was unnecessary in the pre-Donald Trump era.

A few days ago, Steven Hawking forecast 250 degree temperatures (above the boiling point of water) and said it was Trump’s fault.  The stupid meter of the left has gone off scale.

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9 Responses to The Left Gets Stupider With Each Passing Day

  1. Tom Anderson says:

    These people add a new dimension to the term rednecks.

    • gator69 says:

      I don’t know any rednecks that stupid. It takes at least 4 years of college to become that vapid.

      Rednecks? No.

      Reds? Yes!

  2. GW says:

    This is a problem of our own making – of modern society. Prior to modern medicine (anesthesia, vaccines, antibiotics) and electricity, natural selection prevented stupid people from living long enough to breed. Now they are reproducing prolifically !

  3. Douglas Hoyt says:

    The warmists seem to be upping the rhetoric of calamity, now that it looks possible some cuts in their funding may be imminent.

  4. Andy DC says:

    If the sun explodes, there is no doubt that global warming will lead to human extinction.

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