Angry About Global Warming

This one is angry about global warming, and blames me. I suspect she may have seen a picture of a starving Polar Bear.

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  1. neal s says:

    So I read an article in Tech Times …

    At the same time that they are warning about a coming mini-ice-age, they still keep pushing the BS that CO2 will cause global warming which will resume as soon as the mini-ice-age is over and that we STILL must do something to reduce CO2.

    Shaking my head ….

    • arn says:

      nah-you simply don’t understand.

      This is global warming cooling.
      Heat so hot that it’ll freeze you to death.
      And can they get away with it?
      They already did,when they turned the ice age scare into AGW scare.

      That’s btw the reason global warming was rebranded climate change
      as climate change means anything and nothing as everything can be called climate change.
      That way tax payers money can flow because people who believe everything will also pay forever for everything.

    • RAH says:

      I don’t by that were headed for another LIA any more than I buy were going to burn up or drown due to warming.

      • neal s says:

        How are the CAGW fraudsters going to cover their data mangling when there is no GW to be found? If they claim there is a coming little ice-age, then they can slowly back out adjustments as time goes on, and claim temperatures are coming down from the artificial highs they have set them to.

        I wonder if we might be seeing the beginning of a CYA move on the part of those who know they cannot keep up the sham forever, especially with PDJT in office. They may hope they can hide their prior malfeasance, while continuing the lie of the need to curb CO2 emissions.

        I hope they will be sorely disappointed by having their fraud become widely recognized and understood. The work that Tony has done and his upcoming book, should help this come to pass.

        • RAH says:

          You know the thing is we’ve been around long enough and invested the time and effort to learn who to listen to. It is up to us to persuade others that have not made that investment that the people we listen to are the people that they need to listen to.

          I don’t expect anyone to go to jail. I doubt that any will be publically humiliated even. What I do expect is that our government will stop funding the frauds both inside and outside the government.

          • Louis Hooffstetter says:

            Sadly, I don’t expect anyone to go to jail either, (despite the fact that many deserve it). However, I do expect those of us who read Tony’s blog and recognize the fraud these witch doctors have committed to publicly humiliate them every chance we get.

      • David A says:

        Well Rah, given adequate time both predictions are certainly correct.

        • RAH says:

          Yea, in the Geologic time scale I will not disagree at all. A frame of reference that alarmists seem to ignore. I’m just not buying that anyone alive will see either during their life times.

  2. RAH says:

    They probably wouldn’t be too happy here right now. Really starting to come down.

  3. Earl Wood says:

    That second picture is just fantastic. It makes me jealous. I no longer live out west and cannot see such things.

  4. establ says:

    Great shots Tony! The only kestrels I ever see are on power lines. It’s nice that you got them in their natural habitat.

  5. jst1 says:

    Well done on shot #2. You got the eye razor sharp.

  6. Andy DC says:

    After that Arctic front sweeps through tonight, she will be praying for some big time global warming over the next several days.

  7. GW Smith says:

    Those are some nice ones!

  8. RAH says:

    Got 4″ of snow here last night from the passing clipper. Behind it comes the real cold. By Monday night the low is forecast to be -14 F. Across the street the younger neighbor has a Pony. Her name is Holly. Steve, another neighbor, and I feed her carrots and apple slices when were out and about. In our opinion she does not have adequate shelter. The guy that owns her has had offers from more than one person that has other horses to take her off his hands but seems to think he needs to be paid for her. Equines are herd animals and I have never agreed with keeping a single animal penned up alone. He also now has an offer to take her to another place with a better stable and other horses and some donkeys, just during this cold but so far hasn’t taken them up on it. If he doesn’t do something I’m afraid the Holly won’t make it through this sustained cold with temps for a week getting below zero. Debating on calling the authorities on him.

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