Crooked YouTube

After getting 2-3 views per minute all day, my latest YouTube video has been stuck at 884 views for hours. I asked Twitter followers to watch and reply – and since then dozens have watched, yet the view total is still 884.

Here is the real smoking gun though.


Now likes have increased by 24, but views have only increased by 15. I normally get about one like per ten views, so YouTube is cheating me out hundreds of views.

I see this all the time with my videos.

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7 Responses to Crooked YouTube

  1. Kozlowski says:

    Tony, if your videos are monetized, they are then actually defrauding you and I would imagine it is actionable. Further, if they are doing this to you, no doubt they are doing it to others too, and this could be a class action lawsuit. Imagine Youtube aka Google having to open their books, emails, and employees to a lot of scrutiny.

    If actionable I would chip in to get justice.

    Any lawyers in the room?

    • Kris Johanson says:

      YouTube has a very complicated ‘formula’ for monetization. They don’t share the details of it, they only talk about it in broad terms. It’s been pretty well documented that F/B and Y/T have an agenda, etc

  2. feathers says:

    And idiots all last week were complaining that rolling back “net neutrality” would equate to censorship – news flash…it was already happening by the tech giants!

  3. AndyG55 says:

    Its on 1,806 views now :-)

  4. Marcel Fiechter says:

    The demonetized thing is happening to many others the last months. That’s why I told you about steemit. That’s blockchain. Nobody can block you. realclimate is still available. Do that as quick as possible. The early adopters are pushing in like crazy. At the end of the the, you will earn much more with steemit then with youtube. Just put the youtube-videos there. That’s all.

  5. arn says:

    That’s going on for years-

    More than 6 years ago i realised that ceratain alternative media youtube videos had an crazy likes/comments: viewer ratio.Some even had more comments then views.
    That’s almost impossible.

    That way youtube prevents (or at least tries) things not to go viral which are not supposed to go viral,
    so that their official BS stays unchallenged.
    Global Corporate Fascism at its best
    to keep the illusion for the Griffs alive and protect them from reality
    as reality means nothing and only official BS is real.

    Some Videos get completely removed regularly((eg the short video Omran-syrian boy faked photo you posted here//the no go zone video of a journalist in sweden disguised as rabi and being threatened by muslims//
    the dancing boys of afghanistan video about the bachu bazi boy rape culture in many muslim countries.

    And demonetising has a nice side effect for youtube=more profit.

  6. pwl says:

    2,634 views and 319 likes.

    Google uses a distributed counting algorithm, sometimes it takes their servers a while to collect the results and sum them.

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