Declining Christmas Temperatures In The US

Over the past century, Christmas Day temperatures have declined sharply in the US.

Christmas Day 1955, 80 degree temperatures were recorded in Virginia, and 60 degree temperatures were recorded in Pennsylvania. It was 84 degrees in Kansas, and 60 degree temperatures were recorded in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Almost the entire state of Maryland was over 60 degrees.

The coldest Christmas was 1983, when almost the entire US was in a deep freeze.

This Christmas may come close to that.

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  1. garyh845 says:

    That 16 F is a bit difficult to imagine . . until one starts looking around. I lived up around Conifer, CO at that time. Would have added a lump of coal in the freestanding pot belly stove on a day like that.

    Here’s one weather map from Dec 25, 1983 – difficult to read:

    And, here’s an account:
    But in 1983, the nation’s cold weather lovers got a little more than they bargained for. Overall, the 1980s dished out some of the coldest Decembers on record, but 1983 was king of them all, with 70% of the month colder than average over much of the country.

    On Christmas Eve and Christmas day of that year, more than 125 cities east of the Rockies broke temperature records for the day, and 34 hit the record cold temperatures for the entire month of December. These punishing tempertures, which dipped below zero in many areas, were also accompanied by brutal, stinging winds. In addition, heavy snow covered the ground from the Pacific Northwest through the Great Plains and Northern Appalachians.

    Havre, Montana dipped to a numbing -50°F. Chicago, where high temperatures never went higher than -10° F during the several days leading up to Christmas, reached a low of -25° F. In Sioux Falls, S.D., temperatures dropped below 0° F on December 15 and remained there for more than nine days, dropping to -23 °F over Christmas. The area also saw 60 mph winds, which brought wind chills of -70 °F. The average temperature in Minneapolis for the month of 3.7° F, the coldest on record for the city. The barometric pressure at Miles City, Mont. reached 31.42 inches, a record for the U.S. Even normally balmy Huntsville, Ala., plunged down to -1° F, while Galveston, Texas, dipped to a frosty 14° F.

  2. garyh845 says:

    . . a little more -Tweet dated Jan 10, 2017

    Ryan Maue | on Twitter: “December 25, 1983 — Christmas morning 55% of CONUS was below 0°F. Average Lower 48 temperature was -0.7°F,


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