Declining December 23 Temperatures In The US

December 23 temperatures have declined in the US over the past century. On this date in 1933 it was 80 degrees in Virginia and California, 84 degrees in Texas, and 71 degrees in Illinois and Ohio. Most of the US was over 60 degrees.

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  1. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    Until the past 15-18 or so months, I listened to NPR in the car quite a bit. Since then, I’ve seen them produce a headlines about climate-this/climate-that and on a couple of occasions I’ve emailed asking for clarification on information I’ve seen that contradicts what they’ve claimed. No responses have been provided. So, I guess what I’m saying is: I’ve long been a supporter of PBS/NPR. I’ve more recently been feeling pretty let down by them…and I guess at this point, I’m thinking that I’m pretty much done with them.

  2. Andy DC says:

    To show how volatile and extreme the weather was in the 1930’s, only a week after December 23, 1933, New England was hit by a historic cold wave. Boston set their all time December low temperature record, -17 F. In interior New England, temperatures dropped to an amazing -50 F.

    January 1934 was a mild winter in the east, but February 1934 flipped again and was the coldest month on record in many places. Boston, that has just set their all time low record in December 1933 took that record out with -18 F in February 1934. NYC set their all time record with -15 F.

    Being at the peak of the Depression, with many homeless or destitute, and with coal shortages as well, there was a great deal of suffering

    That was followed by the extreme hot, dry summer of 1934, which produced the worst US crop on record in terms of percentage reduction from the average, around 50%. Missouri had only 10% of its average corn crop that summer.

    So if alarmists want to beat the drums about extreme weather, the 1930’s had extreme weather that was much, much worse.

  3. Latitude says:


    Family feast! Colorado woman feeds doe a peanut bar when she trots in to store only to have her return for more with her fawns

    A doe walked into the Horesetooth Store, Gas and RV Park in Fort Collins, Colorado

  4. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Speaking of declining temps, check out the following:

    “But Dilley, a former NOAA meteorologist, argues that Earth is “coming off” a 230-year global warming cycle and moving on to a 120-year cooling period.”

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    There is likely to be an east coast snow event in a few days.
    Heads up.
    My cousin was born on Christmas in 1947. Her mother cut out a news article and it is in the baby book.
    North American blizzard of 1947

    “The Great Blizzard of 1947 was a record-breaking snowfall that began on Christmas without prediction and brought the northeastern United States to a standstill.” [ Wikipedia ]

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