Declining December 30 Temperatures In The US

On this date in 1929, most of the US east of the Rockies was over 60 degrees. It was 73 degrees in Sparta, Illinois – 53 degrees warmer than today.

December 30 maximum temperatures have declined in the US over the last 80 years.

The coldest December 30 was in 1983, while the following year was extremely warm. Global weirding below 350 PPM CO2!

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7 Responses to Declining December 30 Temperatures In The US

  1. Andy DC says:

    Today is going to be a very frigid 12/30 for much of the US.

  2. Jim Trenz says:

    Does the data include 2017? Most of the country is below 45 degrees f, and the upper graph does not not show today’s wide-spread arctic blast.

  3. Jim Trenz says:

    Does the data plotted include 2017?

  4. Louis says:

    I remember 1983 very well. I was 7 years old and living in Houston. I remember it very vividly… VERY COLD, so cold that the outdoor fish pond froze over. It was actually thick enough to walk on it.

  5. JM says:

    Do you have the source reference or source data for this? I’d like to poke at some people with it.

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