The United Nations Vs. Skiing

The United Nations, led by climate spokesman Leo di Caprio, has been warning of the demise of skiing for almost 30 years.

13 Dec 1995, Page 13 – The Times at

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Meanwhile, winter snow cover continues to increase to record levels, and ski areas continue to have record ski seasons.

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab


Government climate science has no basis in science. It is an exercise in Policy Based Evidence Making.

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4 Responses to The United Nations Vs. Skiing

  1. Extreme Hiatus says:

    Re the (February 2010) Vancouver Winter Olympics:

    “The David Suzuki Foundation says global warming and climate change are in part responsible for what’s happening to a key Olympic venue…

    Record warm temperatures and heavy rains this winter have forced VANOC to use bales of hay and to truck in snow to create the courses for the events.”

    February 2017:

    Vancouver Snow: Snowfall Records Smashed Across Region

    “Snowfall records across southern British Columbia are falling as a winter storm continues to wallop the region.”

  2. R. Shearer says:

    I made a few turns at Eldora today. The 25″ of snow this week has made a huge difference in the base. I hope that nature keeps it up.

  3. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    Any thoughts/comments on this quote from the following article:

    “Further, the scientists emphasize, singling out a particular winter week for scrutiny isn’t especially meaningful as an indicator of long-term climate change.

    When it comes to meaningful indicators of how snow has changed over time, the scientists say, it’s best to stick to monthly or seasonal averages. By those indicators, says David Robinson, who leads the Rutgers snow lab project, the pattern is clear: Northern Hemisphere snow cover is declining significantly at the end of the cold season (spring/early summer). ”

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    From right to left:

    A pinhead sociopath and a numbskull sociopath.

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