Freezing 97% Of Britain To Death

On the coldest morning of the winter so far, wind and solar have collapsed and are producing only 3% of Britain’s energy. The sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Live monitoring of the UK electricity National Grid

The UK government plans to go 100% “renewable” – which apparently means they are perfectly happy to let the population freeze to death, dark and hungry. Climate alarmism and policy is an attempt at the largest genocide in history.  Once the coal, nuclear and natural gas plants are shut down, people are going to die.

But I’m not being fair – people are already dying by the tens of thousands due to green energy taxes.

Why is one older person dying every seven minutes during the winter? | Dawn Foster | Society | The Guardian

People need to stop imagining they are saving Polar Bears, and start thinking about saving themselves. Imaginary global warming isn’t keeping anyone warm.

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