Freezing 97% Of Britain To Death

On the coldest morning of the winter so far, wind and solar have collapsed and are producing only 3% of Britain’s energy. The sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Live monitoring of the UK electricity National Grid

The UK government plans to go 100% “renewable” – which apparently means they are perfectly happy to let the population freeze to death, dark and hungry. Climate alarmism and policy is an attempt at the largest genocide in history.  Once the coal, nuclear and natural gas plants are shut down, people are going to die.

But I’m not being fair – people are already dying by the tens of thousands due to green energy taxes.

Why is one older person dying every seven minutes during the winter? | Dawn Foster | Society | The Guardian

People need to stop imagining they are saving Polar Bears, and start thinking about saving themselves. Imaginary global warming isn’t keeping anyone warm.

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16 Responses to Freezing 97% Of Britain To Death

  1. Martin says:

    The UK government are hell bent on getting rid of coal fired power stations which are making up 20% of the electricity supply this morning. In the UK most buildings have gas powered heating – homes, schools, hospitals, offices and factories – the infamous Climate Change Act anticipates that domestic heating will convert over to electricity powered systems in the near future. This demand will apparently be met by renewables. On top of this there will be the additional need for electricity (estimated at an extra 20-25%) to power all the electric vehicles that the government insists we shall be driving soon. UK energy policy is a complete shambles !

  2. arn says:

    But,but-that’s fake news.

    In a world that gets devastated by global warming the number of people freezing to death should be 0.
    Once again something does not add up in the fantastic world of ckimate science where things from the past can kill people in the present.
    But i’m pretty sure that those who are still freezing can warm themselves
    with Griffs love and ignorance and anyway-

    who gives a shit about 100.000++ death people(aslong as they are not refugees or people of color-then there would be huge protests and tons of mones),when he is to busy with saving climate.
    For sure not our bolshevik friends as they have already killed tens of millions and have learned nothing yet.

    Yes-white men.keep on killing your own people while worshipping everything else that is destroying you country and culture and brings ruin,decadence and poverty.And what do you get in exchange?
    Transgender,gay and islam worship-a trade that’ll keep you warm for sure.

    i’m 100% sure that not a single one of these 120000 thousand victims was a climate scientist,as those parasites get so much tax payers money that they can afford all kinds of heating and have a huge chimney with tons of wood(co2-free of course) inside their mansion in case TSHTF.
    The only chance for them to freeze to death is getting stuck in ice 1500 miles away from the north pole while trying to travel the ‘ice-free’-arctic.

  3. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    We live in a society where Polar bears, Great White sharks, and dogs are more important than human beings.

  4. gator69 says:

    Climate alarmism and policy is an attempt at the largest genocide in history.

    Attempt? No.

    Climate alarmism and policy is the largest genocide in history.

    Fixed it for ya.

    • arn says:

      Bringing down human population to sub 500 millions is a long way to go.

      By destroying all relevant protecting structures of civilisation(=family,country,boarders,marriage,social competence)
      and promoting homosexuality,the most evil religion,drugs,wars,hedonism,gangsta life style,promiscuity etc
      and destruction of infrastructure(especially energy supply)
      they have done a great job so far .
      They have also failed a few times so far:TPP,GMO terminator seeds.

  5. Bob Hoye says:

    Hi Tony
    I’m trying to circulate perspective on saving the Polar Bears.


  6. Don B says:

    Tony –

    North of Boulder, for the cities of Longmont, Loveland, Ft. Collins and Estes Park, the electricity provider is planning on zero net carbon electricity by 2030. Maybe before 2030 they will have learned from the mistakes made in the UK, Germany, Denmark and Australia.

  7. Mark Fife says:

    Is posting a picture still not possible?

    • Mark Fife says:

      I just answered my own question. We just had a major unusual weather event in Atlanta, we had 7 to 10 inches of snow in December before Christmas. That is really unusual. I was curious so I looked up the records. Above is a graph of major snow events. Does this not look like a pattern? Notice the dates.

      • Mark Fife says:

        By the way, I was born in 1962. I never saw snow in my life until the mid 70’s. I can certainly testify to the fact winter started coming cold and early back in the mid 70’s and into the 80’s around here. At that time thanksgiving was a day for big fires in the fireplace. That hasn’t been the case for a while.

        Lately winter has been getting cold and hanging on longer.

        All these snow events going back to the 1930’s came after the new year until this year. 10 in January, 5 in February, and 4 in March.

        I have a feeling it is going to be a long cold one this year.

    • flow ir in says:

      co2 cools more than it warms, increasing coupling between IR and kinetic.
      Hence ice ages starting with high CO2

    • gator69 says:

      My assessment demonstrates that there will be no increase in warming from an increase of absorptivity of IR by water vapor due to overlapping spectral bands with carbon dioxide.
      On the overlapping absorption spectral bands of carbon dioxide and water vapor, the carbon dioxide propitiates a decrease of the total emissivity/absorptivity of the mixture in the atmosphere, not an increase, as AGW proponents argue 1, 2, 3.
      Applying the physics laws of atmospheric heat transfer, the
      carbon dioxide behaves as a coolant of the Earth’s surface and the Earth’s atmosphere by its effect of diminishing the total absorptivity and total emissivity of the mixture of atmospheric gases.
      Dr. Anderson and I found that the coolant effect of the carbon dioxide is stronger when oxygen is included into the mixture, giving a value of ΔE = 0.3814, which is lower than the value of ΔE obtained by considering only the mixture of water vapor and carbon dioxide.

  8. Patrick healy says:

    We have had the Gore effect here in Europe.
    An explosion at a gas gathering plant in Austria sadly caused some casualties.
    It also cut off the domestic heating fossil fuel supply to a large part of Europe, causing prices to jump and Italy to declare a state of emergency.
    Meanwhile here in arctic socialist Scotland, the Forties pipeline, which transports the oil and condensate output from 40 odd North sea fields to Scotland’s only oil refinery at Grangemouth, has developed a crack and has been shut in – as have all the oil production
    Meantime, back at the ranch, in Paris the lunatic president is hosting a planet saving conference which is aiming to rid the world of evil fossil fuel.
    As our (my) Pope has given this his Papal blessing, I confess to being a bit confused.
    Is this the Gore Effect or are we to call these population culling events of lack of fuel, the Francis Effect.
    Over to you Tony, and a Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  9. BUD BUTLEY says:

    But there are other sources of renewable energy: wave riders, wind turbines out in the ocean where it’s always windy, and then solar-cell incrusted glass which can generate all the electricity a 12 story building requires as well as the surrounding shops. Even in cloudy weather. We don’t need nuke plants or nukes

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