Glacier National Park To Be Ice-Free By 1948, Or 2002, Or 2020, Or 2044 ….

Ice gone by 1948 :

29 Dec 1923, Page 5 – at

Ice gone by 2002 :

05 Mar 1952, Page 1 – The Post-Standard at

Ice gone by 2020 :

No More Glaciers in Glacier National Park by 2020?

Ice gone by 2044 :

Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park – The New York Times

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5 Responses to Glacier National Park To Be Ice-Free By 1948, Or 2002, Or 2020, Or 2044 ….

  1. Don B says:

    H.H. Lamb (probably the premiere climatologist of the 20th century):
    “It was after 2000-1500 BC that most of the present glaciers in the Rocky Mountains south of  57 o N were formed and that major re-advance of those in the Alaskan Rockies first took place.

    “And at their subsequent advanced positions – probably around 500 BC as well as between 1650 and 1850 AD – the glaciers in the Alps regained an extent, estimated in the Glockner region, at about 5 times their Bronze Age Minimum, when all the smaller ones had disappeared.”

    [etc., etc.]

    In other words, glaciers ebb and flow throughout history. But the alarmists and the news sellers pretend to not know that, or they are, in fact, ignorant.

  2. wert says:

    Tony Heller,

    I wish Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Your historian style views on climatic changes throughout the last century provide with a stark contrast to the nearsighted mass media of our times. Thanks for the chuckles and may the next year be better than this year! I wish you all blessings an unreligious person may provide! Keep also talking to your God at peaceful moments of Yuletide, it is always better that way!

  3. AndyG55 says:

    Don Easterbrook did a study of the CYCLIC nature of the Mt Baker glaciers.

    I’m amazed how well the ebb and flow matches the AMO, particularly as its on the opposite side of the US. (Here I’ve flipped the AMO and matched time and size to make it more obvious)

  4. Rah says:

    I think I just ran into a climate scientist driving a truck. I’m in a door at a refrigerated warehouse getting unloaded. At this facility you unhook from the trailer and pull forward just in front of it. Watched driver” closely as he worked on backing into the door beside me. Obviously a rookie. Ray Charles could have seen that the dock doors are too close together to open the trailer swing doors once your backed in between two trailers. But this guy, after several attempts, backed in with his trailer doors closed. At this facility there is not room to pull back out straight. So Achmed pulled up so the end of his trailer was even with my tractor door. Then asked me to pull my tractor forward so he could open his right trailer door! I only did it because I didn’t want to take the chance that he would hit my rig trying to back in again. Not on my first day on the road would I have done such a thing.

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