Hunting Techniques

The Northern Harrier hunts from the ground, and effortlessly glides a few feet above the surface looking to surprise small animals.

The Kestrel hunts from tree tops, and can spot small animals in the grass hundreds of feet away.

Progressives hunt in supermarkets, and believe that (other people’s) meat causes hurricanes. They also believe wind turbines prevent hurricanes.

So they build wind farms, which decimate the populations of raptors.

And when they aren’t killing raptors, progressives are trying to starve old and poor people to death.

Beautiful intelligent birds, versus stupid, ugly progressives.

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8 Responses to Hunting Techniques

  1. Rah says:

    Or freeze them to death.

  2. steveS says:

    Progressives make Kingfishers want to vomit.

  3. Extreme Hiatus says:

    Tony, I’ve been a birder for 50+ years and I’m a nitpicker too.

    Harriers don’t hunt from the ground. As you wrote in the same sentence: “glides a few feet above the surface looking to surprise small animals.”

    This characteristic hunting method, from the air, makes them identifiable from far away in most areas.

    Another very nice bird that hunts low over meadows – that you will likely see in your area – is the Short-eared Owl. They sometimes hunt in the daytime, especially on cloudy days. Their flight is more jerky and erratic than Harriers.

    In any case, nice photos, nice birds. Back in the world of Global Warming, please keep doing what you’re doing. You are making a difference.

    • tonyheller says:

      Kestrels hunt from trees. Harriers start and end their flights on the ground.

      • Extreme Hiatus says:

        True, Kestrels usually hunt from perches on trees (or other tall objects) but they also hunt by hovering in place when they see prey out in open areas. Rough-legged Hawks do that too.

        Kestrels also hunt “from the ground” – actually hop around on the ground – in open areas with short grass and lots of grasshoppers. They typically do this from low perches, often fenceposts. They also hunt dragonflies in the air.

        Harriers perch on the ground (or low perches), hunt while flying and then drop to the ground to capture their prey. I guess you could call that final point part of the hunt, but the actual hunt/search is from the air. They don’t literally hunt “from the ground” unless some vole scurries around right beside them while they’re perched on the ground.

        In any case, they’re both beautiful and interesting birds.

        Their typical low flight path may make Harriers less vulnerable to wind choppers but unfortunately they also fly higher on migration and in courtship so the Greenies are still killing them too.

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