New Video : Draining The Climate Swamp

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  1. Texas Sharp-shooter says:

    Warm water, more evaporation, more water vapor. They need water vapor for their positive feed-back. But what about the clouds, the rain? I expect to see papers soon about the velcro effect: water goes up but never comes down. And the water vapor one way mirror effect: clouds form trapping more heat but sunlight goes right through the clouds because of the Trump tweetstorm effect, or something.

    On the other hand, France is nice, except for the butts raised in the opposite direction of Mecca in the Place de la Concorde effect.

  2. feathers says:

    Boom! Best video to date!!!

  3. feathers says:

    Hey Tony – are you following what the Dems are doing to Kathleen Hartnett White?

    This is their playbook, just ask Monica Crowley.

  4. Ulric Lyons says:

    Sahel drought is driven by a cold AMO phase, and stronger positive NAO anomalies. And +NAO and a cold AMO happen when the solar wind is stronger, as through the early and mid 1970’s, and mid 1980’s. But the Sahel has become wetter since 1995 because of a warm AMO phase, due to declining solar wind strength.
    A net increase in climate forcing due to rising CO2 in theory would increase positive NAO states and reduce Sahel rainfall, though it doesn’t seem to be having much effect.

  5. arn says:

    After 15-20 years of BS science and BS research Giannini found another stupid nation to pay her lots of money to continue her BS for another 2 decades.
    Congrats Giannini-you somehow found a way to avoid real work for whole of your life.

    Drought in the sahel is one of the most usual things in this region.
    One does not need Sherlock or climatw scientists-just ask the locals there about the past.

    ps-isn’t it interessting that 40 years ago plans existed to evacuate 6 million people,not just because of global cooling((always apocalyptic scenarios by scientists))
    while in fact far more than 6 million people die from hunger each and every year and noone really cares.
    These people are just agenda driven bullshitters who only care as long as it suits their propaganda((that’s why you can kill gay people by law and treat women like shit and even enslave black people legaly(mauretania,sudan) in many countries and gay/women rights activists scientists and leftis and good doers kiss those countries butts and adore their ‘culture” ))

    And i’m pretty sure that already in the 70ies plans existed to evacuate those people towards- Europe and USA.
    Exactly whats happening right know.

    • menicholas says:

      Where exactly are 6 million people dying of hunger every year?

      • arn says:

        On planet earth.
        Estimated Number of people dying of hunger every day:
        according to unicef.
        That’s one million every 40 days.


        According to 6.3 million children under age of 5 died of hunger in 2013.

  6. John Silver says:

    Good boy, Toto.
    Imagine that, self out-taking garbage.

  7. Mysanthropic Marc says:

    Are you getting emails at SGJ, still?


  8. Ulric Lyons says:

    When was the Sahel drought in the 1680’s? 1686 by any chance?
    The 1740’s, 1750’s, 1820’s and 1830’s weren’t during solar minima, the Dalton Minimum was over by 1820:

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