A Reminder Of The Psychopaths We Are Dealing With

Climate alarmists are not good people, and skeptics who believe “we should all try to get along” – simply don’t understand what is happening.

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  1. The destruction of the great economic system of capitalism that has saved the world from starvation, the elimination of the American Constitution, which has protected the world against tyranny, the crushing American spirit, which has prevented human slavery to a global elite. Why can’t we just give it to them and admit defeat?

  2. RW says:

    I hope the filmaker had intended this as a parody of climate alarmism…

    • arn says:

      it looked to me like a parody until I saw the last clip.

      The tall guy is Peter Crouch-during his prime one of the most expensive
      football players in England.

    • CheshireRed says:

      Nothing of the sort. It was intended to smear and denigrate alternate opinion and to open the door to any type of climate justice ‘they’ deemed was appropriate for climate deniers. There’s loads of these loons who *really do* want to make denial an imprisonable offence. They’re always on the political Left, they’re real, they’re certifiable and they’re everywhere.

      • The exact same thing occurred after Nixon got us hooked on Arab oil. Eco-hysterics sprang up wherever surveyors sought to site nuclear reactors, and the extra billions funneled into Mohammedan oil sheikdoms now facilitate hijackers, suicide-vest models and the use of vehicles for mass murder. Go back to newspaper clippings and the same Soviet puppets were there cutting off U.S. access to energy. Every last one is today a devout congregant of Misanthropic Global Warming.

  3. AndyG55 says:

    Another of those psychopaths on WUWT, Roy Bradley, refuses to state why he SUPPORTS the use of the military to ENFORCE the totalitarian left-wing fascist agenda.

    Has been running hiding, avoiding answering all afternoon.

    Been fun having such a coward on the end of the line :-)

    Anyone feel like taking over? ;-)


    Keep trying to force him to answer. :-)

    • arn says:

      Most of good doers are natural born fascist ,
      because they are carpet crawling cowards
      and they think that everyone should be like them.

      As they are natural born parasites:
      They live in systems and freedoms others have been fighting for to
      have rights&freedom&tolerance .
      They do shit to keep up this rights and freedom(as parasites do)
      en contraire-
      They missuse all these rights&freedoms for their own agenda
      (similar to muslims who eg. destroyed thousands of churches in the past decades in their countries while building thousand of mosques on christian territoried at the same time)
      and act like the slimey nice guy until they reach
      enough manpower(like muslims in their ethnically cleansed no-go-zones)

      -as soon as they are strong enough they start to show their real colors.

      As 90% of these guys could not win a fight against a twelve year old
      these parasites need others to protect them and do their dirty jobs=the military&police they hate so much.
      Just as the bolshewiks used the bourgoisie to destroy the bourgoisie after they no longer need them.

      Their women are the same parasites:
      The feminists can do shit on their own:
      They do not built houses,they do not produce,
      they do not reproduce,they need others to protect them and execute their ideas.
      Though they have been fighting for gender equality for decades you’ll barely find one of them working as masons,civil engineering,mining
      and other physically hard jobs though noone is forbidding them to do so.
      They are so good that they only sit on their fat butts and feel morally superior ,spout marxistic bullshit and try to grab as much as they can.

      You will find women doing hard work but they are in general not buttugly vicious lesbians called feminists but normal women
      and many of them are doing hard work for centuries((on farms,ranches etc)).

  4. Psalmon says:

    Steven Hawking, the genius theoretical physicist and cosmologist, doesn’t understand the ideal gas law anymore.


    I’ve been suspicious of this for several months now since I watched them wheel Hawking out on stage and he gave a “talk” on climate change that sounded like a speech written by Bill Nye. Now apparently the guy who linked the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, does not understand PV=nRT.

    The jig is up, IMO he’s been hijacked by these scumbags who now just program their speeches into his synth voice. With all respect, who would know either way, and these people have all the morals of a turnip. If true it lowers psychopath to a whole new level.


  5. TA says:

    The really scary part is psychopaths can look just like normal people.

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