Before Jimmy Carter Turned Iran Into A Third World $hithole

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  1. Mysanthropic Marc says:

    Obama did the same thing in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and (to a lesser degree) Lebanon.

    In Egypt, Hosni Mubarack was a good ally to the U.S. (and somewhat even to Israel) for decades. Mubarak kept the Muslim Brotherhood on the run, jailing the most extreme elements of the Brotherhood and expelling other idiots. This kept Egypt from devolving into a toilet of muslim extremism… especially important, given it’s proximity to Suez and the Levant.

    The same can be said of Libya. Gaddafi was a certifiable douchebag, but he kept the extremist under control (read: tortured, killed, or permanently imprisoned). When threatened by the US, he relinquished all of his special weapons and ceased the pursuit of the same. We turned our back on him, too.

    Then there is Syria. Another totalitarian with whom the US had been plenty cozy, in spite of the fact that they are widely anti-Semitic. al-Assad is another totalitarian douchebag. However, his family has kept a lid on the Islamist extremists for almost 50 years, since the Yom Kippur War in 1963.

    Obama’s “Muslim Spring” turned out to be the perfect chaos, during which the most extreme elements of Muslim society stepped into the vacuum to take power and exert control. These are not my opinions, these are facts. Limp wristed foreign policy creates chaos and chaos creates fertile ground to lunatic extremists to grab control and export violence.

    I cite as my sources “Righteous Victims” by Benny Morris and “Looming Tower” by Lawrence Wright. If you haven’t read them (in their entirety), please refrain from commenting.

  2. Sharpshooter says:

    Sh#tholes? Like Detroit?

  3. Colorado Wellington says:

    Maybe we should call them murderous shitholes so people don’t think it’s just about the lack of garbage disposal.

    Puerto Rico fears post-Maria murder surge: 11 days, 32 slain,-32-slain

  4. RAH says:

    Off Topic but another example of how the left has changed things for the worse. Context, Sexual Harassment:

    Am reading a book about the 101st Airborne Division and the Dutch during “Operation Market Garden”. The title of the book is ‘HELL’S HIGHWAY a chronical of the 101st Airborne Division in the Holland campaign, September-November 1944.’

    By the time Market Garden started the Allies had formed the 1st Airborne Army consisting of the US 17th (still at the time of Market Garden being organized), 82nd, and 101st Divisions plus various independent airborne regiments and the British 1st and 6th Airborne Divisions plus various independent units such as the Polish 1st Airborne Brigade. And the IX Troop Carrier Command which was the US Army Air Force unit to carry the paratroopers and glider troops in. This massive Airborne force was commanded by Lt. General Lewis H. Brereton. General Brereton was visiting the various airfields where the Airborne troops about to jump into combat in Holland were saddling up to board their aircraft. Here is an account:

    At Aldermaston Air Base, W.B Courtney, one of a group of war correspondents accompanying General Brereton, took in the scene. “Already long files of the fighting skymen are waddling in their grotesque clothes, and with packs and weapons of all sizes carried on their shoulders, out to the planes. You are not prepared for their happy-go-lucky mood at such a moment, so unlike the quiet grimness of the land infantry. They shout and wise crack and catcall. They see a handful of U.S. nurses, trim in blue fatigue coveralls, watching them from beside the control tower, and immediately there is an outburst of whistling all over the field.”

    “The General orders his driver to put down the car top, then calls to the nurses: “Get in and ride up and down those lines. Sass the boys and let them sass you. It will do them good,” The whistling becomes monumental as the girls drive by.”

    To get the best out of fighting men you have to remind them what they’re fighting for and it ain’t Moms Apple Pie. It’s each other and the common threads and interests that bind them all together.

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