Climate Confusion Merges With Gender Confusion

Climate scientists say global warming threatens sea turtle populations, by generating large numbers of females.

Climate change turns green sea turtle eggs female, NOAA scientists say – The Washington Post

The level of stupidity in this claim is breathtaking. Turtles have been around for 220 million years. Turtles evolved and prospered during times when Earth’s temperature was 15C higher than the present.

image277.gif (660×417)

But the real stupidity is not recognizing that large numbers of females would lead to an increase in population, not a decrease. One male can impregnate huge numbers of females, but females are much more limited in their ability to parent offspring. A large female/male ratio is the fastest way to increase population. China has reduced population growth by intentionally creating a low female/male ratio. China understood that 100 women can produce ~100 babies, and 200 women can produce ~200 babies.

Not surprising that climate scientists would come up with this nonsense.  They were the kid who couldn’t get a date in high school.

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