Democrats Achieving New Levels Of Stupidity – Every Day!

New York is suing oil/gas companies who are keeping them from freezing to death, hungry and in the dark – because Democrats believe they are overheating.

The oil companies should comply with the Mayor’s wishes, and stop selling product in New York immediately.

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31 Responses to Democrats Achieving New Levels Of Stupidity – Every Day!

  1. Winnipeg boy says:

    Bring your evidence, we will bring ours.
    Jail for willfully lying to the court.

  2. arn says:

    Seems NYC is run by the same idiots as hollywood/california.

    A bunch of pretentious superrich pricks who can afford everything,especially living in a fairytale and ignoring reality.
    (wonder how this will play out for those 90% who do belong to the group who can afford this utopia)

    And now guess where the first commercial power plant ever
    was built ?
    Maybe it was in Manhattan
    and it was powered by fossil fuels!
    and only a chosen few were able to afford the electricity.

  3. W Barkley says:

    Why not sue the users of these dangerous products not ONE of the providers?
    NYC has many 1000’s of vehicles; buildings….the city is by far the single biggest contributer to its impending

    • Phil Jones says:

      Great point…

      Shut down Oil and Gas Supplies to NYC.. See what happens!!

    • Ozfarmer Ted. says:

      A glance at tidal records shows that the east coast of the US is indeed sinking at a rate above the world average, while the west coast rate of sea level rise is about average, and some gauges in Alaska show dramatic falls in the sea level. Our local (Sydney, NSW, Australia.) gauge shows a remarkably steady rate of rise of 0.65 mm/year over more than a century.
      All of which raises doubts about there being any connection between sea level rises and increasing CO2. Clearly something else is at work in NYC.
      The way things are going it’ll soon be time to start burning lawyers at the stake. If the law doesn’t allow that, we will have to devise some other painful punishment. Like maybe forcing them to pay all costs when they lose a no win/no pay case.

  4. Philip Verslues says:

    Perhaps the Oil and Gas Companies should stop deliveries to New York until the Globul Warming there stops, to bad you can’t sue Politicians for brazen stupidity.

  5. frederik wisse says:

    Which comes first stupidity or ignorance ?
    Blessed are the meek …………

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Shutting down all the Uranium plants and not allowing breeder reactors which mitigate the waste problem by multiplying the fuel supply is the definition of “stupidity”. We have enough U, and by extension, Thorium and Plut 239 to last us thousands of years with almost no air pollution, and modern plants produce several thousand megawatts each, around the clock, day after day

  6. Nicholas Schroeder, BSME, PE says:

    The US uses a trivial amount of oil to produce electricity and the number of those still heating homes with oil need to read the memo about propane & NG.

    Back east it’s Coal, NG & the Atom.

    • tonyheller says:

      That is why they are called oil and gas

    • GW says:

      When it gets very cold NG is cut off to power plants. They revert to alternative fuels. SOP for the northeast.

      • oeman50 says:

        Not all of it is cut off, but what is used gets very expensive. Gas went from about $2-$3 a therm to $150-$175 a therm during the recent cold spell. But places like New England that have won the “war on coal” have to have the gas because there’s nothing else to supply power (except for a few nukes). And they are winning the war on nukes, with Vermont Yankee shutdown, Pilgrim next, followed by Indian Point. Millstone might be next. Good luck with all of that……

  7. Robertv says:

    Progressives hate progress and hate people. They just love power and for that they need an uneducated and poor population depending on government.

    The only way to get rid of a cancer is by eliminating it from the body it feasts on.

  8. W Barkley says:

    NYC has 4300 busses and 9000 police vehicles. More than 30,000 city operated

  9. Edmonton Al says:

    CO2 is labelled a “pollutant” , therefore all bottling plants [beer and soda] should be shut down.
    All fire extinguisher should be confiscated.
    State and local governments should be sued for allowing “pollutants” to be sold.

  10. CO2isLife says:

    Oil Companies Should Stop Supplying New York City

    The tobacco money has run out, attempts at taxing Soda backfired and were regressive, same for Fast Food, so attacking the Oil Industry is the best alternative. Liberals, of course, would never ban Oil to save the earth, the logical solution if CO2 actually caused harm. No, they want to keep the Oil Companies alive like they did the Tobacco Industry so they can continue to loot it for their necessary life-sustaining free market generated dollars. News Flash to Liberals!!! You don’t see any sanctimonious liberal “non-profits” in Communist Countries. There is no Golden Goose to loot. Once again Liberals, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  11. R2Dtoo says:

    Logic would say a real storm is brewing. Predictions that fossil fuels will provide most power/energy until 2040+ should mean that investments will continue to produce profits for pension funds. How will NYC explain to residents/employees that divestment resulted in lost income and thus reduced their pensions? NY, CA, NJ and IL are already close to bankruptcy. Dark clouds gather. They, of course, will expect the deplorables in fly-over country to bail them out. Same is happening in Canada.

  12. Tom Bakert says:

    Central New York where I live is deep red except for a few urban areas. It is ignorant to believe that New York state is the same as New York City as many of the those commenting here seem to think.

  13. jack b:-) says:

    Ah, NYC… sigh. The epitome of intellectual stupidity. Gotta love em. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  14. Gamecock says:

    Decadence. Attacking that which keeps you alive.

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