Fifty Years Of Top Climate Science

James Hansen is remembered as the father of global warming because of his 1988 testimony before Congress – but in 1968 Tiny Tim laid out all of the principles of modern climate science. It is unfair that he doesn’t get credit for it, particularly the part about scaring children.

The ice caps are melting,
All the world is drowning
The ice caps are melting,
The tide is rushing in.
All the world is drowning,
To wash away the sin.

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2 Responses to Fifty Years Of Top Climate Science

  1. arn says:

    Hansen obviously watched this as a child
    and never recovered from the trauma.
    Since then he is just able to repeat the same words again and again.
    While others with such symptons get locked away forever
    he made a living and a religion out of it.

    More interessting btw is to see that the children in your country
    already has been exposed 50 years ago to some really weird shit on tv
    (social engineering at its best)
    and that the entire essence of AGW is to be found in the lyrics
    as beside the melting one can wash away his sins by paying co2 tax.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Delingpole has a similar 50 year anniversary article today:

    Fifty Years on from Paul Ehrlich’s ‘The Population Bomb’: So How Come We’re Not All Dead, Yet?

    Hilariously Prof. Ehrlich is still in his chair at Stanford several decades after we all died horribly.

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