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I heard this conversation earlier on NPR. A flood in Paris which is nine feet lower than one in 1910, is evidence that Paris is going to be destroyed by climate change.

BEARDSLEY: Well, actually, Ari, there was a big flood 18 months ago. And that’s why people are a little bit alarmed. And everyone’s been watching the water rise on this one, saying, will it get as high as the flood in 2016, which came up to 20 feet above normal, the Seine River. They’re predicting that it will stop at around 19 feet and 6 inches. So it’s not going to be as high.The big flood, Ari, was in 1910. The Seine River came up 28 feet. And there’s markers all over the city for it. It – on my street, there’s one. It’s about up to my waist. I can’t even imagine the water coming, you know, all the way up there.

SHAPIRO: Eleanor, we think about cities that might be permanently altered or wiped out by climate change, people often talk about Miami, Mumbai. Should Paris be on that list?

Parts Of Paris And Northern France Flooded After Unusually Heavy Rains : NPR

28 Jan 1910, Page 1 – The Spokane Press at Newspapers.com

On this date in 1910, London, Paris and Rome were flooded. Half of Paris was underwater, thousands of people were starving and hundreds of thousands were homeless.

27 Jan 1910, Page 1 – The Spokane Press at Newspapers.com

27 Jan 1910, Page 1 – Vancouver Daily World at Newspapers.com

I often think NPR is a continuation of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Nobody could be as stupid in real life as Ari Shapiro. Except for CNN, who is parroting the same idiocy.

Other cities ignore Paris floods at their peril (Opinion) – CNN

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