NASA : Solar Cycle 24 To Be A Big One

NASA – Scientists Predict Big Solar Cycle

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12 Responses to NASA : Solar Cycle 24 To Be A Big One

  1. sam says:

    the point being that never happened; instead it was a solar minimum.

    • Squidly says:

      And now they are expecting 25 to be a “grand minimum”, something akin to the Maunder Minimum. God I hope not. I hate the cold!

      • arn says:

        When THEY expect a grand minimum
        i instantly start asking myself:
        Is this minimum a real minimum or just a preemptiv excuse for the lack of sea rise and global warming.

        In that case they could still spout their AGW bullshit by saying:
        Co2&AGW will still kill us all,but thanks to this incredible coincidence(the minimum)
        the apocalyptic powers of co2 will be counterbalanced by lower sun activity and everything will stay as it is+ the few usual cold/hot peaks in the next 100 years.
        The cold peaks would be ignored and tampered unexistent,while the hot ones will be ultimate proof for everything they want.

        We should really look carefully into this,
        though this time i would not be surprised if a grand minimun turns out to be real,as everything these perverts say turnes out to be the exact oppositte they promised.
        I really hope it won’t get colder as we would need much more energy for heating,the crop yield would shrink significantly
        and worlds water supply would be reduced due to lower evaporation.

        • mcraig says:

          The mainstream climate circus has already stated a solar minimum won’t amount to a hill of beans against CO2 warming.

          “Here we use a coupled climate model to explore the effect of a 21st-century grand minimum on future global temperatures, finding a moderate temperature offset of no more than −0.3°C in the year 2100 relative to a scenario with solar activity similar to recent decades. This temperature decrease is much smaller than the warming expected from anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the century.”

  2. Sean says:

    NASA and David Hathaway made a falsifiable prediction before the fact, disclosed the methods they used to make that prediction as well as the predictions and methods of other solar scientists without prejudice. That’s how science is supposed to work. It revealed there is a lot about the sun’s solar cycle we don’t understand. The ability to explain anything after the fact is pseudoscience.

  3. CheshireRed says:

    Piers Corbyn has been on the solar case at his weatheraction business for years. Worth keeping an eye on.

  4. Look into my eyes. Your air conditioner did not break and cost $4000 to replace because of the federal ban on safe, effective freon. Your air conditioner broke because … um… because it is getting warmer, that’s it!
    You are feeling warmer… you are feeling warmer…

  5. Rah says:

    Why the hell would Alarmists care what the sun does? CO2 us “control knob” for climate and weather they’ve said again and again. That have made it clear that it is settled science the giant fusion reactor in the sky gas little to do with it.

  6. Nutation_discombobulation says:

    Seems the cycle is ending early, just as it occurred during the Dalton minimum.
    It’s also interesting to note that a lot of dormant volcanoes are presently stirring and belching thousands of tons of global cooling emissions into the atmosphere just as John Casey predicted would happen.

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