NCAR Graph Exposes The Core Of Global Warming Fraud

Climate alarmism can’t exist without a fundamental misinterpretation of ice core data, as seen in this exhibit at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Antarctic Ice core records show that historically there has been a close correlation between atmospheric CO2 and temperature. What NCAR doesn’t mention is that the relationship has broken down over the past century. There has been a large increase in atmospheric CO2, but no corresponding temperature spike in the ice core records.

In fact, the head of NASA’s climate studies reported in 2004 that Antarctic temperatures had cooled significantly. CO2 and temperatures have diverged.

Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

What this tells us is that CO2 does not drive temperature. The relationship in the ice core records over the last 800,000 years is the exact opposite – temperature drives CO2.  An increase in temperature of 10C produces a change in atmospheric CO2 of ~100 PPM.  Every geologist and beer drinker knows this. As oceans warm, they outgas CO2 into the atmosphere.

Climate alarmism depends on putting the cart before the horse and misleading the public about this topic. This deception is essential for maintaining the climate scam, and was so important that Al Gore and Laurie David actually reversed the scale of the X-Axis in order to defraud children in her school textbook.

Her fraudulent graph made CO2 change before temperature, instead of the actual relationship which is the exact opposite.

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