New Video : Preparing For The Next Big Arctic Scam

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7 Responses to New Video : Preparing For The Next Big Arctic Scam

  1. garyh845 says:

    Super material here Tony. Thank you. Looking forward to the media’s fake news. In preparation for that – do you have your two graphics comparing the ice thickness – 2008 vs 2018 (I’m inept) – prepared in one pic? Want to be ready to post it under the coming media articles. Thanks.

  2. CheshireRed says:

    Another point by point demolition job. Great stuff. Hope Trumps advisors are watching.

  3. Misanthropic Marc says:


    Kudos. These people claim to be scientists, yet they don’t pursue the facts to the logical conclusions. MY conclusions is that they are desperate for funding (note: my federal program is in funding-jeopardy, but I know that I have skills and can get a job…. what would these PhD’s do, in the same situation? Walmart needs greeters LOL).



    • Robertv says:

      Jennifer Francis from Rutgers University explains the exact same thing but forgets to mention that warm in the Arctic is still – 25 ºC.

      She also shows a graph where we can see that at mid-latitudes (40ºN to60ºN) there has been NO warming since 1950. (min 2,51)

  4. Lance says:

    When I worked at Eureka in 1979-80, we experienced a very cold winter indeed. But like today, we would suddenly warm up with big time winds and the air would mix, and we would rocket up to -20C type thing, and all that cold air headed south to lower Canada/USA….I would laugh as they would be screaming about how cold it was…and we simply chuckled as it was the air we were living under for a long time….but back then, it was weather…, that cold heads south, and its CLIMATE CHNAGE…..shaking head….

  5. AndyG55 says:

    The late 1970’s was an EXTREME, anomalously HIGH Arctic sea ice extent.

    Up there with the extreme high extents of the LIA.

    Even now the Arctic sea ice extent is above what it was for basically all the first 9500 years of the 10,000 years of the current interglacial.

    We really should try to push this fact.

    The two main ice expansion region are above Iceland,

    and out through the Chukchi sea/Bering Straits.

    Biodata from both these regions clearly shows current sea ice levels significantly HIGHER those of the Medieval Warm Period and all of the Holocene before the MWP

  6. RAH says:

    Months ago Joe Bastardi was pointing out the temperature record in the Arctic and what it means and what he was explaining agrees exactly with what Tony has pointed out. It would take a tremendous amount of energy to bring the summer temperatures in the Arctic up to the point where the Arctic would become “virtually ice free”.
    And now with Gavin and James looking to cover their butts because of the cooling they foresee coming, the Arctic Canary may finally fly away to somewhere else and we won’t have to hear the constant drum beat of Arctic doom for awhile. But I would bet Tony will be here rubbing their noses in it as he does so well when that time comes.

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