New Video : Sea Level Fraud At The Union Of Concerned Scientists

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14 Responses to New Video : Sea Level Fraud At The Union Of Concerned Scientists

  1. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    Nicely done. Can your work not be publicized more broadly in the public domain? Full sized ads in papers, or the like? Also, I read you were working on a book – were does that currently stand?

    • Bill Hinds says:

      Any tide gauge reading must be tied to a geodetic reference network that is free from crustal plate movements. It is not enough to reference the gauge itself as anywhere you see the sea level staying the same or rescinding is likely caused by the water level gauge reference changing due to crustal plate movements (upwards or downwards).

  2. feathers says:

    About the teeter-tooter with Canada…do the coastal Canadian cities also show an acceleration in sea level rise?

  3. gregole says:

    I’m no authority on sea-level but it seems common-sense to use tide gauges since they measure at the point of reference. And if there was a real acceleration in sea-level rise, I mean a dramatic, real acceleration…we’d know – ports would be flooding; salt water would be making widespread egress into fresh waters worldwide; people everywhere on coastal areas would be screaming bloody murder. This whole sea-level rise panic just doesn’t pass the most basic sniff test.

    But that doesn’t stop these mountebanks and charlatans from trotting out sea-level nonsense. I think even non-tech, innumerate people (most everyone outside of tech types…) are getting jaded by all the doom-saying. It just doesn’t matter to anyone. It’s all lies. And people know it even if subconsciously.

    And where’s the outrage, I mean the genuine heartfelt outrage, over Trump’s climate policies? Outside of specialist carpet-bagging troughers in academia, media, and government, no one really gives a rip anymore.

    But said carpet-baggers have a huge voice in media – that’s key. A tiny minority of voices is amplified way beyond the content of their message. So it’s great you are calling them out. I can’t help but wonder if they’ll respond to your blog.

    They are fakes. Frauds. Charlatans. Liars.

  4. spangled drongo says:

    In Moreton Bay, near where I live on the east coast of Australia, tomorrow is the highest astronomical tide of the year and for the last 6 years I have been checking a benchmark that I helped construct 71 years ago which those highest tides of that time just covered [when the barometer was around normal] between the years 1946 to 1953.

    For the last 6 years HATs have all been at least 6 inches LOWER than ~ 70 years ago.

    This is also what Morner states WRT SLR.

    This part of the world in one of the oldest continents on earth suffers no vertical land movement.

    If things are any different from the past 6 years I will let you know.

  5. Lasse says:

    There is a nice work done by Willis Eschenbach that shows if tidal gage acceleration is present or not.

    If you look at the data it is not present!
    But it is possible to show the opposite if you are interested and not so careful, which has been done as we all can imagine. They try hard to get evidence of acceleration-just because it would have been the main prof of unusual global warming.

  6. David M. says:

    This post prompts me to ask others if the Union of “Concerned” Scientists should be renamed the Union of Corrupt Scientists, the Union of Confused Scientists or the Union of Pretenders & Propogandists?

    At the organization’s birth, including “scientist” in the name was meant to deceive. Now, “concerned” seeks to dupe.

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