Science Doesn’t “Do” Anything

A sure sign of a brainless journalist is a headline saying “science links” something to something else. “Science” doesn’t “do” anything. Corrupt, dishonest, stoned climate scientists do things, none of which are any good or have anything to do with science.

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20 Responses to Science Doesn’t “Do” Anything

  1. CO2isLife says:

    Climate Crisis? Al Gore and Michael Mann Fail Science 101

    In this post I will address Michael Mann’s assertion that record cold temperatures are the result of man-made CO2 as detailed in a recent Climate Reality Project article, mentioned by Al Gore in his “Tweet.” Before I go any further, without addressing any of his claims, the important take home is that even if Al Gore and Michael Mann are 100% correct in their analysis and conclusion, the solutions they offer will only make matters worse.

    If CO2 causes more draught, biofuels like Ethanol are idiotic solutions as best.
    If CO2 causes more rain, then solar is an idiotic solution at best.

  2. arn says:

    A little bit off topic but i just read that
    former nobody turned into states leader by design thx to msm,
    the rothschild banker macron,
    is trying to ban fake news during elections.

    As this next authoritarian fascist globalist attack by pseudo good doing bankster lackeys sound so
    “climate deniers should be imprisoned”
    to protect the one and only official truth,which in general has nothing to do with reality
    i though i better post it.

  3. frederik wisse says:

    There is no discussion here of socalled settled science . This topic is even worse than your criticism of msm-brainwashed , innocuous-stupid journalists . In the latter category you may find some description of reality one way or another . As shown in al-goral rhythmic scientific prophesies over the last twenty years you can only be sure of one thing : THEY ARE NEVER EVER GOING TO HAPPEN . George Orwell forecasted this , btw this a prophesy that came true and not by accident . As far as i know he did not offer a solace for this state of mind , but we should stay optimistic . It takes time for reality to sink in and for each poison there exists an antidote .

    • R. Shearer says:

      Some say that George Orwell was an optimist.

      • arn says:

        indeed,as he could not imagine the perversion
        inside big brothers system.

        He thought it would be just the blatant conservative soviet style facism
        and not a freak show of drugs,sexual perversion,reversed racism,heavy advertising of homosexuality & transsexuality,
        cultural self destruction,the destruction of the family and state of marriage and worship/appeasement of a cruel stone age religion.
        (or in a nutshell:freud’s polymorphic perversion)

        • Robertv says:

          Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely because it’s the only way to stay in power. It’s either divide and conquer or the guillotine.

          People like Mann and Gore know that.

          • arn says:

            and communism was designed for absolute power
            and the power of a world wide co2 tax-
            wonder what the result will be.

        • Andy DC says:

          You didn’t mention pedophilia, incest, gender fluidity, zoophilia and necrophilia. Those are all very high on the progressive wish list and what they practice every day in real life.

          You did say “perversion”, but for the ones uninitiated in the true liberal agenda, I thought I would try to be just a little more specific.

  4. CheshireRed says:

    If a theory can’t be falsified then it’s not science, it’s religion. AGW has long-since become an article of faith for adherents and no amount of contradictory evidence will ever change their views.

  5. Frank Bellini says:

    Google NOAA Sea Level Battery for a chart of sea level measurements at NYC back to 1850. Show me the inflection point where Anthropomorphic Global Warming took over.

    • Theyouk says:

      I think you meant “anthropogenic”—but anthropomorphic is an awesome term because AGW now is treated as a living, breathing entity of sorts!

      And sea level rise is even more terrifying in Alameda CA…. (sarc)

    • arn says:

      your chart seems to be fake as there is no hockey stick :)

      No hockey stick=no climate science:)

      Though people may start to ask someday:

      “Why are all those thousands and thousands of islands of the maledives and the phillipines still there instead of drowning due to sea level rise”

      “Why are all those things that man built on sea (harbours,castles etc)
      still there and perfectly fine”

      “Why hasn’t the topographic shape of our country massivly changed
      ,as this always happens when the sea level rises massivly,no matter wether continents or islands”

      And maybe than people will also understand that retreating glaciers are the most normal thing when you place ice into to hot places.
      Just as the ice cube in your drink won’t stop melting until it dissappears glaciers will do the same on a planet where the climate got so hot tens of thousands years ago that miles of ice that covered chicago melted away.How should local glaciers survive when ice of entire continents could not.

  6. CO2isLife says:

    Climate Change Double Standard Double Speak Proves Slimate Clience is a Fraud

    Climate “Expert” Al Gore then Tweeted about Climate Guru Michael Mann’s new article about how the record cold is in fact evidence and the expected outcome of global warming, sorry climate change. I cover that article in another post. Liberals didn’t attack Al Gore or Michael Mann, they just believe it when Al says it, and don’t believe it when President Trump says it. They are like unthinking Pod People, blindly obeying a central authority, never really thinking about their actions, they just follow instructions.

  7. Robertv says:

    The question is why these people want to return to Little Ice Age conditions ?

    And those are the people discussing Trump’s mental health !

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      For the same reason many of these people want to establish a communist government. They are either ignorant morons who don’t know what they are talking about or criminal psychopaths who do. Both sorts believe they will end up on the winning side and in power.

      And as the linked video shows, if they encountered a living survivor of the last glaciation, they would explain to him what paradise it is to live as subsistence hunter in a frozen tundra at the south end of the continental ice sheet. And if he disagreed with them and tried to tell them about the miserable, violent and short lives of the starving members of his tribe they would get mad and beat him up.

      In deep irony, the survivor in the video probably experienced the joys of Communism and frozen wastelands at the same time.

  8. Tony should not lose sight of a tit-for-tat component of the pseudoscience problem. Men with guns kick down doors and shoot pets and people because fake science tells politicians that some plant leaves are a menace, just as it tells politicians that electric power plants are a menace. Clueless youngsters innocent of the Maxwell equations or even the meaning of energy are more receptive to whichever lies make mystical prohibitionists uncomfortable. Ask yourself if leaving peaceful people alone instead of having goons stick guns in their faces might reduce that undesirable pushback against unwarranted coercion instead of handing it to your enemies as a weapon.

  9. Robertv says:

    Some people do.

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