Thirty Eight Years Since Jimmy Carter Apologized To The Islamic Dictators Of Iran

The University of Tehran before Jimmy Carter took office

Thirty five years before Barack Hussein Obama sent Iran’s Islamic dictators $billions in cash, Democrat Jimmy Carter apologized to them for US policy.

30 Mar 1980, Page 1 – The Indianapolis Star at

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25 Responses to Thirty Eight Years Since Jimmy Carter Apologized To The Islamic Dictators Of Iran

  1. RAH says:

    It was the failed Iran hostage rescue mission that motivated me to enlist and go SF.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      I vaguely remember that. Do we know what caused it to fail?

      • RAH says:

        Quite frankly they were unprepared. After Vietnam a majority of Generals in the regular Army had one hell of a lot of animosity for SF and Special Operations in general. They did their best to kill SF. Even in the very early 1980s the entire annual budget for an SF Group (An undersized Brigade sized unit) was less than that the cost of an Armored Brigade deployed to the NTC (National Training Center) in the Mojave desert for a month). New equipment and weapons development for SF in the Army did not exist. They arranged the commands so that all SF Groups were under the thumb of a Regular Army commander and treated as a regional asset. There was no hint of a centralized special operations command except at the JFK center at Ft. Bragg for training the SF force. They did have DELTA but it had not developed and did not have the assets needed to carry out ‘Eagle Claw’.

        Then came a time when they needed them for the rescue mission and they scrambled to cobble together the forces which had never trained or worked together before and the result was disaster. My last team sergeant was Master Sergeant Corky Shelton. Two tours in Vietnam DSC. He was on the mission and would have gone into the city to attempt the rescue.

        There were two MC-130s sitting on the airstrip called “Desert One”. Both MC-130s had rubber bladders holding JP-4 covering their cargo decks to refuel the Helicopters. The special operators sat on those bladders. A helicopter crashed into one of the aircraft and of course the guys in it didn’t have a chance. They were nearly instantly incinerated. Corky was in the MC-130 that was not hit and told me he would always remember the screams from the guys on the other aircraft.

  2. The Shah of Iran’s Persia was just as corrupt as the current religious administration but the people were much better off and the nation was an increasingly a positive contributor to modern civilisation.
    The Iranians were thrown back into the Middle Ages and leftist ideologues in the West somehow thought that it was their place to ‘apologise’ and appease.
    Those people should now apologise to the Iranian populace for not supporting their civil rights in the face of religious dictatorship.
    I find Trump’s personality and weak grip on detail alarming but he does seem to get the primary diagnoses right.
    What we need is a US President with Obama’s intellect and style but with Trump’s courage and cultural confidence.
    The western unworthy ‘cultural cringe’ of the past 50 years has a lot to answer for.
    We need to regain pride in what the West did for the entire globe over the past 500 years and stop finding cause for regrets and criticisms based on relatively minor factors.

  3. David A says:

    “What we need is a US President with Obama’s intellect…”

    What makes you think the corrupt statist has high intelligence?

    He stated he was the smartest man in the room and knew more about every subject then the experts he placed in those positions. ( That is a strong indication of great hubris and low intelligence)
    We know nothing about his academic career as it is all hidden. He bragged about ordering drones to kill people.
    His speeches were condescending to the extreme, and sans a teleprompter he stumbled horribly. His ME and foreign policy was a complete disaster.
    His economic policy as well – greatest deficit relative to economic growth ever.
    His corruption and failures may very well destroy the DNC, a good thing but certainly not his intention.

    • You know Obama better than me.
      Maybe should have said ‘apparent intellect’.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Don’t sell President Trump short.

        This article make help explain what President Trump is actually up to.

        And … this article.

        This also applies to China and North Korea link

        Actually it has been fascinating to watch President Trump’s maneuvering. Don’t forget Trump started off his relations with a dinner for President Xi Jinping when he dropped a bomb on Syria for using Gas for desert…

        • Gail Combs says:

          Also of interest as creds for this website:
          From a Miami police chatboard entry during the Trayvon-Zimmerman FIASCO:

          “Well, I don’t want to say too much else about this stuff – But I will say: you damn sure don’t want those CTH folks on your ass!”

          Obama’s publicists decided Zimmerman, with his German name, was a great punching bag for Holder’s Department of (In)justice to use to ‘Outrage’ the black voters over ‘racism’ and thus get out the vote for the 2012 presidential election.

          The end result has been a continuing escalation of the ‘race war’ in the USA culminating in the Dallas ambush, killing five police officers and injuring nine others as well as injuring two civilians.

      • Latitude says:

        The only thing “apparent” with Obama and his administration was his flat out lying….spent over $trillion on stimulus….shovel ready jobs…and all we got was landscaped bicycle paths

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          Shovel ready.

          I couldn’t stand that stupid expression.

          It’s right up there with “let me be clear”, “make no mistake”, “here is the deal”, “the wrong side of history” and “shared sacrifice”.

          It is no coincidence that these were his favorite go-to phrases.

      • AndyG55 says:

        ” ‘apparent intellect’.”

        Nope. !!

  4. Norilsk says:

    Hear the truth about the way girls and women in Iran are treated from Anni Cyrus who escaped. They are less than dirt. It is little better than the ISIS theology.

    The US Government’s Assad must go regime policy would have turned Syria into the same thing if it weren’t for the Russians.

    M103 is a motion to the silence critics of Islam in Canada. Many Muslims are against this motion, because they came here to escape that nonsense.

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