Twenty Four Years Since Bill Clinton Ended North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program

U.S. and North Korea Sign Pact to End Nuclear Dispute –

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4 Responses to Twenty Four Years Since Bill Clinton Ended North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program

  1. RAH says:

    Yes and not too long ago Madam Albright was out telling us how bad Donald Trump was. That proved to me just how stupid or delusional she is. Best she just keep her mouth shut and let the press cover for all of her failures when she was Sec. State.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Nobody fights rogue states like Madam Halfbright …

    • arn says:

      Isn’t Albright the “lady” who said that the dead of 500.000 children
      in Iraq as result of the illegal war was worth it?
      (no conspiracy here when USA&UK+their secret services lie in a coordinated way to attack a country just a few days after their yellow cake lie to bomb iraq failed)

      Promoting and defending the deliberate destruction of a country and turning it into a terrorist shithole:
      And then you justify this horrible result with the dead of half a million children and say :”it was worth it!”

      That such people even dare to call others bad is just proof how sociopathic they are.
      So progressive that they left all standards of common sense behind.

  2. Tom O says:

    And what does this item suppose to prove? Where does it point out that Clinton didn’t follow through on what was promised the North Koreans? Maybe the current Kim learned a lesson from his father and watching how the US made and broke agreements with Iraq? Along with dozens of other countries? Perhaps the citizens of a nation should feel that their government is supposed to be honorable when dealing with other nations instead of only saying “my government, right or wrong, and especially when it’s wrong.”

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