Washington Post Forecasts January Cherry Blossoms

Six years ago, the Washington Post predicted cherry blossoms would start forming in January, due to a 0.0001 mole fraction increase in CO2 over the past century.

Could cherry blossoms one day be blooming in winter? – The Washington Post

I was curious to see how their forecast turned out, so I took a walking tour of the DC cherry blossoms yesterday. Dressed in my Arctic gear, I failed to locate any blossoms.

Three years ago the Potomac was frozen solid on March 7.

But Washington DC wasn’t always cold like this. In 1946, Cherry trees bloomed twice in DC. Once on March 15, and again in November.

Ludington Daily News – Google News Archive Search

1 Nov 1946, Page 3 – at Newspapers.com

Climate experts will accuse me of cherry-picking Washington DC, where temperatures have been almost 25 degrees below normal. After all, temperatures in Maine and Georgia have only been 15 degrees below normal.

High Plains Regional Climate Center

Next month I plan to move my research to the tropics in the Yucatan. I’m worried though, because the Washington Post says humans can’t survive two degrees warming, and the Yucatan is about 80 degrees warmer than DC was on Sunday morning.

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