President Trump’s SOTU stated that the war on coal is over, which means the war on science will soon be over by junk climate scientists – who have been pushing the global warming scam in exchange for government grants.

Think of all the great campaign ads this fall showing Congressional Democrats refusing to applaud the flag, booming economy, tax cuts and more money in American pockets.

Democrat politicians hate America and they hate Americans. And they showed it to the whole world last night.

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36 Responses to Winning

  1. David A says:

    “Democrat politicians hate America and they hate Americans. And they showed it to the whole world tonight.”

    Amazing how they are doubling down on ALL the reasons they lost.

    Trump triumphed last night.
    The dimocrats diminished.
    Soon they will be gone.
    Gone where ? you ask…

    The democratic party, with Hillary and the 0 leading, all walked into a bar, they then stumbled into another bar, they turned and lurched into yet one more bar. That is when it dawned on all of them; they were in prison!

  2. dennisambler says:

    Sucking a lemon will do that to your face, bitter and twisted.

  3. MGJ says:

    The looks on the faces of the black caucus when he mentioned that black unemployment was at a record low!

    • arn says:

      Well-we just need to take a look which kind of black people are voting Trump and which are not.
      I’m pretty sure we will then find out some very strange things:
      that those who have less children out of wedlock,who are less criminal,less drug addicted & less unemployed&with higher education standards than the average
      prefer to be ‘surpressed’ and ‘discrminated’ by Trump,
      while the democratic followers live in democratic ruled citys which gradually(the standard socialist fabian tactics) have been turned into shitholes as there is nothing(besides perversion and poverty) these people have to offer(besides empty promises) when you look behind the curtain.

      A lot people are waking up to the fact that one needs values,culture and
      structure(all three being systematically destroyed by progressives) to have healthy societies
      and not just an intellectualised abstract shitshow of parasitic academics people with zero real life experience.

      • richard verney says:

        A few days after the election, I watched a Youtube video on the election results, based upon an analysis by the New York Times.

        Apparently Romney in 2012 received 1% of the black vote. By contrast, President Trump secured 8% of the black vote. That is a huge increase and a huge number of votes.

        Likewise, Romney received about 19% of the Hispanic vote. By contrast, President Trump received 29% of the Hispanic vote. Again a very substantial increase.

        The reason why President Trump won was not because of white males in the rust belt states (President Trump only secured 1% more of this demographic than did Romney), but rather because of the minority vote of blacks and Hispanics in the swing states.

        The Democrats do not want to admit that. If unemployment reduces in the minority demographic then it is likely that President Trump will secure even more black and Hispanic votes in 2020.

  4. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Democrats thrive on inequality and poverty. They don’t want to change anything.

  5. CO2isLife says:

    President Trump Should Renegotiate the Paris Climate Accord

    President Trump should renegotiate the Paris Climate Accord. He should agree anthropogenic CO2 is the cause of all warming climate change. He should agree with the “consensus” scientists. He should agree that the “science” is settled. He should then announce that because the science is settled, 100% of all climate-related research will be redirected towards climate mitigation programs.

    Progressives are Out Of Touch on a Biblical Scale; NAACP Should Demand Re-Direction of Climate Change Funding to Inner-Cities

  6. rapscallion says:

    “Democrat politicians hate America and they hate Americans. And they showed it to the whole world last night.”

    Yup, and didn’t the Dem’s play a blinder when they decided to shut down the Federal Government last week. Trump, as ever out-manoeuvred them. Now I’m not an American, but even I know how you Yanks support your military – so threatening to stop paying the military and children in need of medical and financial support is a real bad move in the American heartlands – and you guys don’t forgive that kind of sh1t easily. No siree!

    Trump knows how to play the Dem’s. In their blind hatred of him they will go for ANYTHING that they think will make him look bad. Thing is, he’s just dropped the bait in the water and like the staving pike they are, they snap at it, and he just reels them in. It’s highly amusing, highly effective and for the Dem’s – yet another nail in their coffin.

    Trump – what’s not to like :-)

  7. Latitude says:

    Wonder if democrats are secretly working for the republicans?… sure looks that way

    Who in their right mind would want them running this country after that display last night……..they might as well been holding signs saying down with America

    …and they tell us how dreamers are just as American as everyone else…and then brag on how Kennedy speaks spanish

  8. Colorado Wellington says:

    This was a telling moment:

  9. RAH says:

    Couldn’t watch, just listened to what I could, cussing the radio reception as I searched for each new station that had the speech as I came down I-65 from the Chicago area. They’re running my butt off this week and I have to go out again shortly.

    However, here are the snap poles on the approval of the State of the Union Speech.

    Obviously it resonated with a majority of Americans. I noticed in the NPR and CBS post speech commentary afterwards and it was really sad. BTW this POTUS said “we” 129 times and “I” 29 times. Basically a reverse of what the previous POTUS did in his speeches.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Agreed on your final point. I thought you would have ditched radio in your profession, RAH. Much easier to use the Web. The speeches are all on Right Side Broadcasting.

    • menicholas says:

      I fell asleep in front of the computer after a very long day. But I woke up and watched it on youtube.
      You could have live streamed it on any smart phone.

  10. Mark Fife says:

    I accept and agree a state of the union address should be somewhat less than political. It should attempt to bridge differences and such. Yet, a part of me wishes campaign Trump, the guy who speaks the truth and doesn’t give a damn what idiots thinks, had shown up just for a couple of minutes.

    Campaign Trump would perhaps reminded about Bill Clinton talking about illegal immigration in that very chamber, would have perhaps reminded how Hillary, Obama, Schumer, and many more said the exact same things.

    Campaign Trump would perhaps have said “you asked for us to allow 700,000 dreamers to stay, I offered 1.8 million, and you call me a racist. The American people deserve to know exactly why that is and I am going to tell them. Because you are lying. It was never 700k or 800k, it isn’t even 1.8 million. It is millions more. Your real goals are now clear. You don’t ever want to fix illegal immigration. You don’t want to fix DACA. You want it to go on and on. You don’t care about these people at all. You want this human misery to continue just as it is because you benefit from it.”

    I for one am convinced that is exactly the case. This is one clear case where evil wears a mask of compassion to hide what it does and to fool the people. That is your Democratic party.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Yet, a part of me wishes campaign Trump …

      Of course. I have some of the same flaws. Part of me would like it if he shoved it in their faces because it is true. But it is also true that it doesn’t matter how I feel. People like me don’t decide who will become the President. The hard to define and even harder for me to understand “independents” do. And President Trump’s speech not only excited the Republicans but it also did very well with the independents and in my opinion exposed the Democrat side of the chamber for who they are better than a “campaign Trump” would have.

      • Mark Fife says:

        You may be right. Reasonable and pragmatic does produce a sharper contrast to irrational and unreasonable. The unbridled hate we saw on their faces. I heard a commentator say all Trump has to do is not be the crazy, racist, fascist dictator the democrats are trying to make him look like. They do look unhinged.

        Still, this fake morality these people spew while simultaneously ruining real lives really grinds my hide.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          Still, this fake morality these people spew while simultaneously ruining real lives really grinds my hide.


      • menicholas says:

        If you understand me, you understand Independants.
        Always have been, always will be.
        Hard core Republicans I know were never-Trumpers, and I knew and they refused to believe Trump could or would win, or that if he did, he would do exactly as he said he was going to do and everything would be different for once.
        I do not know why anyone would vote based on the letter in front of the name instead of the words out of the mouth.

        • Mark Fife says:

          I am not a Republican, I do align with them though. I formally registered in 2016. That is simply being pragmatic. Unless something changes pretty radically the democratic party will never speak for me. Right now the Libertarian party is weak and unfocused. I think my views best align with the Constitution Party. However, they are not going to be winning any elections anytime soon.

          To me the Republican party offers the best chance to turn from within. Yes, the party elites and old guard are every bit as contemptible as the same group in the democratic party. Their control has wavered severely. We actually have Bush, Obama, McCain, and Romney to thank for that. Everyone buys into the media propaganda the Tea party started to oppose Obama. That is not true. It started to oppose Bush and his bail out of the big banks. The red wave in the 2010 midterm over democrats was preceded by a Tea Party wave over establishment republicans in the primaries. The Tea party has pretty much fizzled out because establishment Republicans have been mouthing the words ever since, but some change was effected. That did continue in 2012.

          2016 was a real landmark. For the first time since Herman Cain dropped out in 2012 I felt like I had a real chance to make my voice heard by supporting Trump.

          We are such idiots to have ever trusted the media or to even think they know us and have our backs in any way. They think Trump winning is racism, white nationalism, KKK, Nazis, and a bunch of other horse manure. To me Trump simply represented the opportunity to have a real voice not just in the country but in the republican party. And when he talks about draining the swamp I don’t see just democrats and bureaucratic skunks and weasels. I see Republicans like McCain, Graham, and so forth.

          That is my take on events.

  11. TA says:

    The Democrats had the look of a football team losing their game badly. One football team is looking on glumly from the sidelines, while the other team is dancing and celebrating on the other sideline.

    The Dems are a bunch of sourpusses. A bunch of dangerous soupusses.

  12. TA says:

    As noted in a Daily Caller article this morning, Trump’s State of the Union speech was the first one in eight years that did not mention global warming/climate change.

    That’s progress. :)

  13. Patrick says:

    They need to get out of their “BIG CITY” mental state. That’s the only world they know and the only constituency (BIG CITY) they’ve ever tried to help out.

    It’s hard to understand how the rest of the world works when people live within a cardboard box (BIG CITIES). 3,500,000+ square miles of U.S. land area, yet the Kings and Queens of Liberalism try and control it using the populace who can’t see past their BIG CITY sky-scrapers. BIG CITIES vote 70% democrat/30% republican on average.

    BIG CITY dwellers rely on the left-wing media to tell them that there is a global crisis happening and they continue to believe in their ignorance.

  14. CO2isLife says:

    Democrats did this and Obama still got elected:

  15. CO2isLife says:

    Trying to embed the Video:

  16. willys36 says:

    The only part of the speech I didn’t like and all conservatives should not like is his comment to guarantee paid family leave for all workers. If I heard it right, that is disturbing. I don’t hear anyone mentioning that so maybe I herd it wrong?

    That map really hi-lights where the Progressive elites live – in exclusive coastal enclaves and big college towns. Real people live everywhere else.

    • Patrick says:

      I think “paid family leave” has limitations. Taking time off for a death or “serious” family issues isn’t that big of a deal to me as a conservative. Giving lawyers more to litigate doesn’t help anyone but lawyers, but the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) could be used very efficiently as a bridge towards settling claims.

      Great observation on the election map hi-lighting exclusive coastal enclaves! I was bored one day and identified 27 major cities and their disparaged voter count that gave Hillary over 16 million votes while only giving support to Trump with 6.2 million votes. Democrats may have a hard time getting elected if republicans figure out a way to instill conservative values within the exclusive coastal enclaves.

    • Extreme Hiatus says:

      Here’s a transcript if you want to check your hearing:

      Hope some of you folks watched the rebuttal speech from the Dems. Hard to imagine how it could have been worse. Some young Kennedy who looked like he was a drooling Conan OBrien and spoke like a robot… and they had him in front of a vintage car to remind us of how his father killed his girlfriend.

      The Dems are toast for the foreseeable future.

      • menicholas says:

        Ted Kennedy was his uncle, not his father. Great uncle really.

        This Joe Kennedy is the grandson of Robert Kennedy, who was JFKs Attorney General and was killed while running for President.

      • menicholas says:

        BTW, I could not listen to more than 20 seconds of that nobody.

  17. gregole says:

    It was a great speech. I re-read the transcript and parts brought tears to my eyes. This isn’t his only blockbuster speech. The one he gave in Poland – moving as well. The first one that got my attention was his foreign policy speech he gave during his campaign. One might not agree with everything in that speech, but I remember thinking to myself, “this guy’s not nuts… a lot of this makes perfect sense”.

    Point being, one can listen to what Trump says, and then listen to what the commentariat says he said. Two vastly different versions.

    Someone is lying.

    Trump is making a huge difference – his sane energy policies alone will land him in the history books. He’s doing a good job and I hope he keeps it up.

    • menicholas says:

      There is every chance that by the time seven more years go by, he will have cemented himself as the best and most successful and transformative President in modern history.
      Another thing about his Presidency: It may be that we will never see another career politician elected to the office.
      Hell, we can hope.

      • Mark Fife says:

        I don’t know. The idealist in me says true competency should come to the fore, but the realist in me looks at the absolute blizzard of pooh the monkeys have thrown at Trump over the past two or so years. Could another have not only survived that, but turn it to their advantage?

        Should we not view the main stream media as the enemy or at least part of the enemy? We have watched them propagandize for the statists / globalists / communists / socialists. We have seen the deceptions and lies on Trump and on climate. Their fury at not being able to influence – control even – the election outcome is pretty evident.

        I too hope Trump is not a singularity. But the main stream legacy media has to be reformed or severely diminished. Not by law, but by being exposed for what they are.

        • willys36 says:

          Well, Mr. Trump is absolute proof that if a person just sticks to the miraculous Constitution, is fearless to trumpet the truth, and supports the American principles of liberty and law, it really doesn’t matter if he is of less than saintly character. Ronald Regan showed the way and Trump is clever enough to recognize the recipe.

  18. Kevin a says:
    They’re Not Happy About It!
    MUST WATCH Mark Dice. Video

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