Climate Experts Vs. Science

This week in 1968, Jean Claude Killy won the Olympic slalom, giant slalom and downhill, and Peggy Fleming took the gold medal in figure skating – in an Olympics which was so warm they had to do the bobsled racing at night.

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The official film is unbeatable for a visual sense of the games. The bobsled events were held in darkness, as shown in the video, because the track was melting during daylight hours. Jean-Claude Killy won gold in all three alpine skiing events.

Peggy Fleming’s 1968 Olympics Ice Skating Gold Medal, Revisited – The Atlantic

Winter snow cover has been steadily increasing since then, and fifty years later we are having the coldest Olympics in history,

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Despite the increasing snow cover and much colder Olympics, climate experts insist the Olympics are doomed by global warming.

Climate scientists have no interest in science, facts or data. Their goal is to keep research funding coming in and no lie is too big towards achieving that goal.

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