My Mexican Assistants

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  1. Margaret Smith says:


    • arn says:

      it’s really shocking what nature can create with hot temperatures and co2.
      Nothing compared to those superior live&soulless grey in grey cities in the cold sovietunion :)

      • RAH says:

        We humans develop our own Hells.
        Had a run up to Warren, MI and back yesterday. It’s on the north side of the greater Detroit area. They had considerable snow over the weekend and though the primary roads were pretty clear there were plenty of crashes.
        Never had been to the place I delivered and picked up. Went in through a gate clearly marked “Truck Entrance” and not until inside did a sign that said “Steel Trucks” reveal I had come in the wrong way. No room to turn around and backing out onto the street without a ground guide would be asking for trouble.

        Like so many places this one had parts racks stacked up outside with a narrow path ahead for me to weave around them to go behind the building to get to the docks on the other side. It would have been tight in normal circumstances but with the single pass of a snow plow the snow was piled up making the path even narrower. I tried it and couldn’t make it and backed out then slid my trailer tandems all the way up to minimize my turning radius and tried again. With my right steer tire running in the 2′ berm of snow my trailer cleared a stack of racks on the inside of the left curve by about 1/2″ .

        So many Tier II auto parts manufactures are like that. Like trying to put 20 lb of crap in a 10 lb bag and if a driver hasn’t been there before they can get into trouble.

        The place had inside inclined docks. Backing into inclined inside docks when the sun is shining and snow on the ground blinding one is something that has to be experienced to understand just how tedious it can be with a wall and pipe dead men on one side and another truck already docked on the other. Add to that the complication that the trailer skirt will be torn up unless you have the trailer tandems all the way forward when you back over the hump and then once down inside you have to slide the tandems all the way back so the floor of the trailer is the right height of the dock once your backed in. No rubber bumpers to back against, just steel plates which I hit with a boom and didn’t care.

        That particular place made a roof panel with a sun roof in it for a particular model of Nissan automobile.

  2. Kirye says:

    I especially like the second picture!

  3. gator69, says:

    Is that second photo an interview with Audie Cornish and Michael Martin?

  4. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    If those photos are not from Xcaret and if you’ve not yet been there, it’s worth a day to go there.

  5. Frank K. says:

    Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Michael Spencer says:

    Great to seeing you having a break Tony! And with some me feathered friends as well!

  7. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    Nice nose there Tony. Watch out for the feathered bolt cutters. See if you can find a copy of Cinnamon Skin to read while youre there. It’s a John D MacDonald, Travis McGee novel. Trav makes a trip to Coba, I think, and has a shootout at a cenote w a Playa based serial killer back in the 60s.

  8. oeman50 says:

    All right, I have no shame. Tony has a monkey on his back!

  9. gregole says:

    Looks like big fun! Mexico has some really cool spots!

  10. Michael Spencer says:

    Great to seeing you having a break Tony! And with some feathered friends as well!

  11. Another Ian says:

    What is the white with pink trim parrot in the third picture?

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