One Tough Water Hazard

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  1. JohnBUK says:

    The long-handled ball retriever I think, Tony!

  2. Steve Case says:

    Wow Tony – that was great! Music – Phillip Glass?

  3. gator69, says:

    The Yucatan is a peculiar place. You can travel fron Cancun to Merida on the major highway (a little over three hours), and not cross one bridge. No creeks, streams rivers or lakes, and yet it is green.

    My uncle lived in Merida (El Centro) for many years, and visiting cenotes was one of my favorite diversions. Nothing like swimming in a cave of cool crystal clear water on a hot Yucatan afternoon.

  4. RAH says:

    Be sure your in a position to have a good perspective of your distance above the surface when flying that thing over water. Depth perception over water is much tougher than over land generally and becomes even more difficult of glassy calm surfaces. The further one gets from a land reference the tougher it gets.

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