March 1936 Flooding

This week in 1936, much of the Eastern US was underwater. My grandfather was evacuated from a meeting in downtown Pittsburgh by boat.


19 Mar 1936, Page 1 – The Plain Speaker at

This came after a record cold February, and before the hottest summer in US history.

Wayback Machine

The Bulletin – Google News Archive Search

Wayback Machine

April of 1936 also brought one of the worst tornado outbreaks in US history.

11 Apr 1936, Page 1 – Weekly Town Talk

Claims that the climate is becoming more severe have no scientific basis, and instead are based largely on fraudulent NOAA data.

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9 Responses to March 1936 Flooding

  1. Robertv says:

    Russians are hitting back.

    The snow forecast for the weekend has just got worse – with the Met Office issuing amber weather warnings.

    • arn says:

      Russians now sabotaging even global warming?!
      This time they gone too far.

      • Robertv says:

        All those billions already invested in global warming. What a way to bankrupt the west. Clever guys those russians.

        • arn says:

          ..afghanistan was to bring them down
          now they are paying back the same way;)

          (though USSR was not really russian,neither Stalin(georgia)Kruchzchev(ukraine)Lenin(well,partly) nor Trotzky.

          Though others thing that AGW is just the next step of Stalins
          “It doesn”t matter who votes but who count the Votes”
          it does not matter what the truth is but who is telling
          the “truth”.
          And by constant repeating lies become truth.

  2. Thomas Englert says:

    The Daily News map shows Evansville, Indiana flooded in 1936, but the worst flooding was the Great Flood of January/February 1937.

  3. BenVincent says:

    Is Mannequin Parade Aussie slang for fashion show?

  4. Frank K. says:

    I found the Daily News headline “World Conference to Discuss Peace and Arms” perversely amusing. Apparently, the European elites of the day were eagerly willing to work with “Herr Hitler” on world peace…

  5. Walter Melon says:

    Was there ever a “reason” given that 1936 was so hot?

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