Nerve Gas In Salisbury

The UK government has a long history of exposing people in Salisbury to nerve gas, having exposed more than 3,100 of them over four decades to the neuro-toxin.

Scandal of nerve gas tests | UK news | The Guardian

Now the UK government is accusing Russia of exposing people in Salisbury to nerve gas.

Ministers are under pressure to boycott the World Cup in Russia | Daily Mail Online

When something goes wrong, simply blame Russia. Nothing suspicious at all about Russian double agents living next to the UK chemical weapons sector.

Even before the revelations about Sergei Skripal, Salisbury had a reputation as a city where old spooks came to live out their days.

‘The snow caused more panic’: Salisbury shrugs off attack | UK news | The Guardian

Porton Down – Wikipedia

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52 Responses to Nerve Gas In Salisbury

  1. RexAlan says:

    Think you are over playing this a bit. Sure Sergei Skripal had been living in Salisbury for some time, but as far as I understand it his daughter Yulia was just visiting from Russia and the emergency services that where called to the scene are also now suffering the ill effects of this indecent as well.

    • RexAlan says:

      Sorry, meant to say incident not indecent.

    • tonyheller says:

      I think that you and just about everybody else have absolutely no idea what happened there or who was behind it. Why would Russia use nerve gas in a restaurant in England? It doesn’t make any sense.

      • Tom Bakert says:

        A police officer, Det. Sgt. Nick Bailey, who entered the *home* of ex-spy Sergei Skripal during the investigation, is also in serious condition after coming in contact with a nerve toxin. It is plausible that Skripal could have been poisoned in his home.

        The restaurant Skripal and his daughter visited was quarantined only as a precautionary measure and no one else who entered the restaurant has become ill.

        • FundMe says:

          Mr Skirpal was in contact with spooks at the Russian Embassy on a a regular basis according to his it out. This was a guy released by the Russians he was in their hands he could have been killed at any time without question. I cant see why the Russians would want to kill him after releasing him, why release him in the first place if you wanted to teach any aspiring spys a leason, makes no sense

          • Tom Bakert says:

            Clearly, to state the obvious, this poisoning was
            a planned and deliberate action of a nation state. It wasn’t some demented individual acting alone, a random act, some bizarre accident or a field trial gone wrong. When you say it doesn’t make sense, what you are actually saying is that we don’t have enough information to make sense of it.

          • Mark - Helsinki says:

            Tom lol “clearly” you say “without evidence”. Are you a climate scientist?

            This man betrayed other agents, this could well be a revenge attack.

            It also makes sense that while in custody of Russia, the revenge could not take place, but in the UK, easy target.

            This guy sold out other spies, I do not doubt someone wanted him dead, someone not part of the Russian state. They could have killed him any time.

        • Robert B says:

          The police officer who came to their aid in the park fell ill. So many different versions to the story but hardly anyone mentions that he was released by the Russians in 2010 and if he hadn’t been, he would have probably been released from prison by now. Why would the Russians use a rare toxic gas and not nick a gun from a MI5 agents car?

      • Andy says:

        Just like 99% of your posts. But they still happen….

      • Gamecock says:

        ‘Why would Russia use nerve gas in a restaurant in England?’

        Cos they’re Russian. Pls review the 20th century.

        • Mark - Helsinki says:

          Moron comment alert. “cos they are Russians”.

          So do you believe people also do thinks because they have a common trait? like skin colour?

          • Gamecock says:

            You too need to study 20th century history.

            Gassing come people in a Salisbury restaurant seems infinitesimal to 7,000,000 intentionally starved.

            Stories of the KGB atrocities are legend.

            Sorry if this is all new to you.

        • rapscallion says:

          Oh for God’s sake, give your brain a fighting chance.

          Some questions for you – and I accept you might struggle here.

          1. What actual EVIDENCE is there that Russia is responsible
          2. The nerve gas Novochuk was created in Russia but stored in Uzbekistan. In 1991 when the USSR broke up, it was still stored in Uzbekistan. Anybody could have had it. Can you disprove this?
          3. Russia has been blamed for Brexit, Trump, Ukraine, Slovak elections, Austrian elections, the FN in France and for skewing the Italian elections – why?
          4. Why is Russia being blamed for everything
          5. Who stands to benefit
          6. How do we know the nerve gas is Novochuk? we must already have a sample, if so, how did we get it.

          When will you stop listening to “authority” before looking for evidence?

  2. Robertv says:

    Stonehenge is very close by. Coincidence?

    Stonehenge-Salisbury 6,66 Nautical miles.

  3. dennisambler says:

    It seems very convenient at a time when everything wrong in the world can be laid at Russia’s door. Seems a long time to suddenly have a “revenge” killing. The media refer to the guy as a “Russian” spy. He is of course Russian, but was in fact a British spy.

    Want gun control? Send out another loon to shoot up a school. Want to claim Brexit is extremist? Send out a loon to shoot an MP.

  4. CheshireRed says:

    Can’t help but consider this is part and parcel of espionage and military shenanigans. We get angry at Russia hitting an ex-spy but we’ve droned I don’t know how many UK citizens who went to fight / associate with ISIS.
    Back in the day if we’d been able to locate and get to Anthony Blunt and the gang of 5 we’d probably do the same and the US would love to deliver a very special present to Edward Snowden.
    It goes without saying the penalty for an ISIS member fraternising with or supplying intel’ to the enemy is death.
    Thus our outrage is compulsory but fake, driven by the humiliation of a public attack. Everyone plays these games and there’s a private acceptance competing with a public facing bit of table-thumping. Was it ever thus.

  5. arn says:

    As soon as they can no longer blame global warming on humanity they’ll blame it on russia.
    (they even blamed russia for climate gate)

    And imo it is a little bit strange that those who are willing to destroy entire nations for the(of course unproven) use of toxic gas against terrorist
    are using those gases on their own people.

    This is nothing new.
    Poisoning and traumatising (“own”)people for “research” or to get the “wanted”
    reactions(eg. voting results/loss of rights and freedomy) of the population
    is an old thing since MK Ultra,Project Monarch & Gladio.
    One can research how many of those mass shooters has been provided by doctors with superhard legal psycho drugs
    and were raised outside of wedlock.
    (Destruction of family+longlife drug addictions+hypersensibilisation&victimhood in school are causing many dysfunctional people)

  6. oldbrew says:

    At least since the Litvinenko case, it’s probably not a bad idea for retired agents or double agents to live near the Porton Down germ warfare experts, in case of events as have just happened – regardless of who did it.

    • arn says:

      Putin may have killed a thousand people we never heard of but for surs not Litvinenko.
      1)it makes no sense to kill a pretty meaningless person
      ((if he was about killing Khodorkovsky would have never ever left prison
      alive and the other oligarchs would also be dad))

      2)These guys(secret service assassins) are high priests of accidental death and masters in suiciding people.
      How can one expect that russians are so stupid to make such amateurish attempt where the targeted person survives for weaks and can cry(very effective PR)”Putin killed me”
      Even Micronesia and Samoa have better assassins and Russians know for sure that they have to kill him instantly and not giving him the chance to blame Putin.
      And they were also aware that the west has the ability to detect polonium and that he won’t die instantly.

      Even if russians were so stupid to use polonium they would have also added tetrodotoxin to silence him instantly.

      When such obviously stupid things happen and mistakes are made 5 year olds would avoid the only question is Cui Bono?

  7. Psalmon says:

    Was just watching a live shot from the scene at Salisbury by SkyNews as the military hauled away on big military semi trailers a wrapped up ambulance used after the “attack”.

    The reporter says, “of course there are several major military bases nearby here…”

    Aaaaannnd? They are literally driving out the evidence on live TV.

  8. fah says:

    Minor correction/addendum. It would be better to refer to the possible cause as a “nerve agent” instead of a “nerve gas”. Many nerve agents pose significant toxicity to humans via percutaneous exposure to liquids, not simply via vapor or aerosol inhalation or skin contact. For example look up VX nerve agent on wiki. It looks like the Korean assassination was done by wiping a liquid onto the face of the victim. The transmission mode here has not been reported, but some kind of skin contact with a non-gaseous agent seems much more likely than dispersion of a gas.

  9. Andy says:

    Tony the Russia apologist?

    Have they turned you and if so how much did they pay?

    Best sticking to science? ;)


    • TimA says:

      “Best sticking to science?”
      Because when he does you pay attention to science?….Oh wait!… don’t
      C-ya troll

    • tonyheller says:

      Andy really is a psychopath. Doing his best Joe McCarthy imitation.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “Best sticking to science?”

      Instead of the slimy anti-science innuendo you specialise in, hey, little-andy?

      You have no science, little-andy… you are just an EMPTY oozing sack.

  10. Andy says:

    Forget the current UK investigation on why these two people suddenly seemed to run up against a pocket of nerve agent in sleepy old England because Tony says it was nothing to do with Russia…..

    So who was it then? The local Freemasons?


    • R. Shearer says:

      He didn’t say that. You’re deliberately dishonest, fail to comprehend what he said or is there something else?

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I believe it’s something else and I also think Andy doesn’t know what it is. That’s the most plausible explanation of the poor fellow’s comments over the years.

    • tonyheller says:

      Andy is not only a psychopath, but he is also unable to read and comprehend simple English. What part of this isn’t clear to him?

      “British military scientists exposed more than 3,100 human “guinea pigs” to potent nerve gases in top-secret chemical warfare tests spanning four decades, …… experiments which were carried out on human subjects by the poison gas establishment at Porton Down, Wiltshire.”

    • rapscallion says:

      Can you prove it was the Russians Andy?
      Do you have any evidence?

      Are you aware that Porton Down (UK Chemical Warfare Centre) is literally just down the road. It could be them, then again, it might not, because Andy we don’t have any f*cking evidence.

      How do you know MI5 (internal security) didn’t do it?

      So just like all the warmists – unless you have actual evidence STFU.

  11. toorightmate says:

    I imagine that the life insurance premium for a spy (and his family members) is very high.
    I would also imagine that the life insurance premium for a double agent (and his family) is even higher.

    Now why would that be, I wonder.

  12. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    It’s just Thug Life. You can’t figure this stuff out when you’re starting from a rational mind set. What happened was this guy dissed Biggie who dissed Shug who stole Vlad’s gangsta thingie which L’il Emo took amiss ’cause, as it turns out he was certifiable and triggered from lead exposure as a yout. Sociopaths playing three dimensional chess with impulse control problems and boundry issues brought on by border-line personality disorder. Keep us safe Oh Lord.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Skripal is believed to be one of Steele’s contacts.

    Given he’s also a Russian defector, and that defected ex-Russian spies in Britain have a curiously short life expectancy it seems logical that he just might have an accident. Especially with Uranium One making a bad political smell right now.

    Poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal was close to consultant who was linked to the Trump dossier (UK Telegraph 7 Mar)

  14. Psalmon says:

    Well that’s interesting…Putin now going after random couples who live in the area…

    CNN just finished a segment on this where the “expert” went off on a rant about whether Trump will finally sanction Russia.

    Fortunately for the UK Government, there are no real journalists out there anymore.

  15. jasmine says:

    What happened was this guy dissed Biggie who dissed Shug who stole Vlad’s gangsta thingie which L’il Emo took amiss ’cause, as it turns out he was certifiable and triggered from lead exposure as a youth. Sociopaths playing three-dimensional chess with impulse control problems and boundary issues brought on by borderline personality disorder.

  16. bianca says:

    So many different versions to the story but hardly anyone mentions that he was released by the Russians in 2010 and if he hadn’t been, he would have probably been released from prison by now. Why would the Russians use a rare toxic gas and not nick a gun from an MI5 agents car?

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