Plummeting March 2 Temperatures In The US

Most peer-reviewed climate experts begin their graphs around 1980. Who am I to disagree with them?  Since 1981, US March 2 temperatures have plummeted about five degrees.

On this date in 1992, almost the entire US was over 60 degrees, and much of the country was over 80 degrees.

On this date in 1904, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona were all over 90 degrees. CO2 levels were 300 PPM.

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12 Responses to Plummeting March 2 Temperatures In The US

  1. Psalmon says:

    Good news when we are all forced to move to Antarctica…There will be plenty of penguins to eat. What a relief.

    Proof again that with all the satellites and GPS and Google Earth…we still don’t know probably 90% of things about our own planet.

    • Angus McThag says:

      Careful! Every place penguins have colonized there’s been an eradication of the polar bear population.

      • MrGrimNasty says:

        If ‘scientists’ were really interested in conservation they would just rejoice that there is an undisturbed thriving population, and leave them alone. Instead they are going to ‘study’ them, risk stressing them, and transferring diseases to from/them.

  2. arn says:

    Why do i have the prejudice that a 5 degree temperature difference the other way around(increase)
    would not be treated with ignorence and silence but
    be considered as ultimate proof for AGW and Armageddon?

  3. R2Dtoo says:

    The US must be one of those “warm hole” thingees.

  4. Bob Hoye says:

    Weird stuff.
    The Danish Met Mean Daily temp for North of 80 had jumped by some 10 C in a fortnight.
    Now giving most of it up.

    • MrGrimNasty says:

      Widely discussed on climate blogs already, resulted in the same stories of ‘Arctic Heatwave’ as last year being pushed by junk science alarmists. It’s not that uncommon. It’s called weather.

  5. arn says:

    a little bit offtopic:

    A major dart event(premiere league) in England was cancelled yesterday
    in Essex
    because of tooo much snow((and darts isn’t an outdoor sport))

  6. Obviously, increased CO2 is causing this severe fall in temperature which will however, fortuitously fight against the dreaded Global Warming.

  7. Timo Soren says:

    Tony, I know you keep up on this. But I just checked out the Sioux Fall USCRN station and it says that they have switch from R (raw) data to C (corrected) data.

    !!!! I thought USCRN didn’t need to be adjusted. Can’t find any info on the correction or algorithm.

    Anyone know?

    USCRN link to that data.
    I am talking about the 12th field.

  8. Steelman says:

    And of cause, we all now the tune, if this winter was mild. During the global cooling scare in the 60s and 70s, they blamed the ice cold winters on MUCH ice in the Arcric. The MSM is dead silent, apart for some, blaming the whole thing on global warming. Of cause there is no comment section, to prevent anyone pointing out the lies and contradictions.
    I’m really curious of the cherry blossom day this year.

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