This Week In 1962

During this week in 1962, a Noreaster (now known as a bomb cyclone) killed dozens of people and caused massive damage along the Atlantic Coast. The New York Senate approved construction of the World Trade Center, JFK was colluding with Russians, and NASA launched a satellite to study solar cycles.

08 Mar 1962, Page 1 – The Courier-News at

According to climate experts – the satellite era began in 1979, talking to Russians is treason, and the Northeast never used to have coastal flooding.

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9 Responses to This Week In 1962

  1. Lasse says:

    Natural yesterday-global disruption due to us all today.

    We can concord the nature if we all unite is the message from those who are believers!

  2. Robertv says:

    And in Old England they have the same problems because of global warming thaw.

    ‘With temperatures set to reach as high as 9C (48F) in parts of England over the weekend, dozens of flood warnings have been put in place for north east and south west.’

    So it most be a global event.

    • Robertv says:

      (Or maybe it is just bad maintenance of the drainage system.)

    • Andy DC says:

      1947 there was massive flooding in the UK when a large amount of snow melted in March. But those were friendly natural floods as opposed to these evil man made floods, obviously caused by Trump and the deplorable straight, white males that voted for him. Plus Russian collusion as well.

  3. Rud Istvan says:

    Holthaus is a warmunist idiot who is incapable of learning the first rule of holes. When in one wanting out, first stop digging.

  4. Since the Russians learned to reject communism, talking to them now is a sort of treason against totalitarianism. In 1962 “I Serve The Soviet Union” was the documentary censors approved for public viewing in the Workers’ Paradise. Nowadays Russians have cars, computers, food, nice clothes, nuclear-powered icebreakers and nuclear power plants generating reliable electricity. The communist party now gets some 14% of the vote, down 86%. It’s an improvement.

  5. Steven Fraser says:

    Lessee… atlantic storm follows the gulf stream up the coast, and arrives in the NE to meet an icy cold front at full moon. Easterly winds pack in the surge on top of the hightides.

    What part of this is climate change?

  6. RonnyLee says:

    Steven Fraser: the scary parts that have been prophesied by the warmunists are incontrovertibly, irrefutably, most substantially climate change. How dare you deny it with your petty and intellectually dangerous attempts at reason and logic?

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