Time To End Global Warming Denial

How could anyone not understand that Earth is overheating?

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9 Responses to Time To End Global Warming Denial

  1. Stewart Pid says:

    What is going on there? Was there suppose to be a Nascar race?

  2. arn says:

    Cherry Blossoms all over the place.

  3. Brad says:

    Having come from the NASCAR capital of Concord, NC, this is first time I can remember a race being canceled due to snow.

    • John Madden says:

      So, according to the NASA graphic, the entire Arctic Ocean is ice covered, all the water south to James Bay is ice covered, most of the gap between Canada and the southern tip of Greenland is covered, and a significant portion of the waters west of the Kamchatka Peninsula are ice covered. That leaves only the north Pacific (Bering Sea) and the North Atlantic (Greenland Sea & Barents Sea) as the areas where ice is “missing”. Those are areas where I’d think that it’s most difficult for ice to form in the first place because of the Pacific and Atlantic currents bringing warmer water in from the more southerly latitudes. And, given that this “below average” extent only includes the last 35 years or so, that’s hardly a long enough period to make any judgments about how much ice “should” be there “on average”. I seem to remember some reports of a lot of ice disappearing in the early 1920’s, causing native hunters in Alaska and Canada to complain about it in the papers of the day.

  4. The probably wouldn’t need to cancel races if they didn’t start running races in February. The NASCAR season is way to long it runs from February to November. You want to increase ticket sales and buts in the seats cut the season down. Way to many races no one cares about.

  5. Spark says:

    Graphs in literature, and some others that Tony has previously provided, suggest that the North Atlantic and North Pacific are both being influenced by warm currents: Atlantic – AMO and the Pacific – PDO respectively. The warmer waters currently influencing the North Pacific and Atlantic and lack of mid winter ice extent in the two areas mentioned by J.M. should be expected, from what I can tell.

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