Toto Continues His Global Warming Research In Philadelphia

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8 Responses to Toto Continues His Global Warming Research In Philadelphia

  1. GeologyJim says:

    Toto must have been born after David Viner’s comment, because it’s clear he “knows what snow is”

    He’ll have stories to tell his pups and grandpups about the Big One of 2018

  2. arn says:

    there”ll be a time
    when dogs just aren”t going to know what snow is
    (it”ll be the month may-september)

  3. Snow? Here I was marveling that there was a second White Sands desert up in the Misanthropic Global Wilting blast furnace environment up north.

  4. Matt. M says:

    This little guy, Toto, is really bold. How else to explain the relentless effort and dedication to science in a dangerous, almost toxic CO2 environment.

    Tomy, keep up the great work – your next post (the temperature swings of 20 degrees vs the 0 degree man made stuff is really good.

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