Understanding The Human Contribution To Global Warming

Antarctic ice cores show regular swings in temperature of more than 20 degrees. These were all natural, but the recent zero degree swing was caused by your SUV.

The Biggest Control Knob: CO2 in Earth’s Climate History | Category 6™ | Weather Underground

Jeff Masters describes this zero degree temperature swing as being caused by “the biggest control knob in Earth’s climate history.

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9 Responses to Understanding The Human Contribution To Global Warming

  1. PJB says:

    After eight years, the veil is being lifted and the fraud of CO2 as a scourge of humanity is soon to be made evident. Perhaps in the recent litigation we will finally see an end to this insanity.
    Best of luck, Tony, and thanks for all you are doing on our behalf, it is vreatly appreciated.

  2. CO2isLife says:

    AGW and CO2 driven warming can’t explain: 1) Why CO2 would increase before the end of an ice age or 2) why CO2 would decrease before the start of an ice age or 3) Why once CO2 starts to increase, why temperatures would ever stop increasing or 4) Why when CO2 as 7000 temperatures never got above 22 degree C. AGW and the GHG effect can’t explain any of the most important climate change occurrences.

  3. Mark Fife says:

    They actually can’t even prove the world as a whole has been warming at all, much less warming at an unprecedented rate. Their data is literally 90% plus pure garbage or completely useless. You can’t massage inadequate data by any means an achieve better, more accurate data as a result. You can’t fill in the missing pieces by statistical fortune telling or by back prophecy modeling. The entire thing is insanity.

  4. Andy DC says:

    The idea that we have a control knob, actually a giant thermostat where we control the temperature is ludicrous. Even if we did, where would we want to set it? Who says our current or recent temperatures are ideal? If it ever was determined that the climate at any given time was too cold, would the environmental nutcases demand that we all have our catalytic converters removed from our SUVs? That we should have to drive twice as much?

  5. Chris says:

    An easy experiment to try, shows how CO2 is absorbed and released in a liquid due to temperature changes…. Obtain a beer or soda from the store. Open it. Notice, it is cold and very carbonated. Now you have two options… A) let it warm up sitting at room temperature and observe CO2 being released as it warms. B) drink it, the CO2 will be released at a rapid rate due to the warmth in your belly, Causing you to burp CO2…. Now that’s real science!!

  6. Louis says:

    Ahh. I had a question for myself earlier today that I wanted an answer to after reading about a large comet that supposedly exploded in the atmosphere breaking into numerous fragments that struck the entire North America including the mile high ice covering Canada and northern part of USA 12,800 (Younger Dryas). The question was whether it released so much CO2 into the air afterwards and your graph showed that. Interesting.

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