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Climate Clown Show

Check this clown out. He says the 1958 New York Times article predicting an ice free Arctic was correct. Twelve years after the New York Times predicted an ice-free Arctic, they were predicting a new ice age. Ice-free Arctic, ice … Continue reading

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As Journalistic Integrity Vanishes, Newspapers May Go Out Of Business

Less than a year ago, the New York Times predicted shipping “directly over the North Pole.” As global warming melts sea ice across the Arctic, shipping routes once thought impossible — including directly over the North Pole — may open … Continue reading

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SCIENCE : Plummeting Temperatures Caused By Heat

Satellites show that land temperatures have dropped about 1°C since the warm winter of 2016. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs Climatologists say these plummeting atmospheric temperatures and cold weather are a result of the atmosphere getting warmer.

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The Largest Clown Show On Earth

Climatologists say global warming causes all forms of extreme weather, but 45 years ago they said global cooling caused all forms of extreme weather. Climatologists wanted to melt the polar ice caps to stop extreme weather, and just like now … Continue reading

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