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Nothing The Deep State Hates More Than Peace

Five of the ten richest counties in the US are located around Washington D.C. – thanks to the Military Industrial Complex. There is nothing they hate more than peace, which is why they are working so hard to get rid … Continue reading

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Busy Birds

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New York Times Identifies Who Is Responsible For All The Heat

After the Midwest and Northeast US suffered through their coolest March/April on record, the New York Times has determined that Scott Pruitt is primarily responsible for all the heat.

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1939 : “Imaginary Changes In Climate”

DES MOINES REGISTER FRIDAY OCTOBER 6, 1939 IMAGINARY CHANGES IN CLIMATE. “This myth arises over and over again” In 1939, the Des Moines Register reported how people constantly confuse cyclical weather changes with imaginary climate change. 06 Oct 1939, Page … Continue reading

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