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Bill Nye – The Science Fraud Guy

Bill Nye is not a scientist, yet passes himself of as the science guy. His defining experiment for proving the greenhouse effect is junk science. He took two glass jars, and filled one with CO2. Then he put heat lamps … Continue reading

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97% Of Journalists Believe The Arctic Is Hot And Melting

The Arctic is extremely cold, and the cold air is spilling over into North America. Arctic sea ice volume is “normal” and growing rapidly. DMI Modelled ice thickness Climate Reanalyzer Journalists trapped in the cold Arctic air believe the Arctic … Continue reading

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Visualizing Trapped Heat

The first week of 2018 – eastern US and Canada in a deep freeze. Washington DC was below 0°F and frozen solid. Thirteen weeks later – the same pattern, and a big snowstorm headed to DC. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for … Continue reading

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Climate Magicians At Work – On Stupid People

Never mind the very cold March in much of the US and Europe, last month was red hot! Frozen people weigh in, believing they are burning up. “Look at all that red” Kevin Pluck I took the same map, and … Continue reading

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