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Gavin Blames The Flintstones For Global Warming

Gavin is now researching how people caused global warming 56 million years ago. Ancient civilisation? Prehistoric global warming could be caused by pre-human species | Science | News | Express.co.uk Sad that they burned all of our fossil fuels! As … Continue reading

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Thirty Years Of The James Hansen Clown Show

It has been thirty years since CO2 hit 350 PPM and NASA’s James Hansen warned that the Midwest was going to burn up and dry up. 24 Jun 1988, 1 – The Miami News at Newspapers.com Since Hansen predicted heat … Continue reading

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Climate Fraud Indicators: Snow Cover

The EPA claims that spring snow cover is declining, and fall/winter snow cover is remaining steady. They say it is evidence of global warming. Climate Change Indicators: Snow Cover  This indicator measures the amount of land in North America that … Continue reading

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Boulder Three Year Old Sues Over Less Snow

Exxon Suncor = Floods, fires, less snow  Boulder, Colorado – home of a nearly perfect climate – has three year old children suing Exxon over climate change. The last flood we had here was five years ago, last fire was … Continue reading

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