Weather Isn’t Climate – Except For When It is

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts

  • Richard Feynman

Experts say weather isn’t climate – unless it is.  “Scientists warn fifty inches of rain in 24 hours is a sign of the future.”

A Hawaiian island got about 50 inches of rain in 24 hours. Scientists warn it’s a sign of the future

It is actually a sign of the past, with 73.62 inches of rain in one day during 1952.

Kauai is one of the wettest places on earth, receiving almost 705 inches of rain during 1982.

In 1942, Pennsylvania received 28.5 inches of rain in three hours. That rainfall rate is more than four times faster than the recent rain in Hawaii.

Extreme Weather: A Guide & Record Book – Christopher C. Burt – Google Books

Climate experts are snake oil salesmen – chasing every weather event and claiming they can fix it with their carbon tax snake oil.  It is embarrassing seeing this idiocy in the year 2o18.

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9 Responses to Weather Isn’t Climate – Except For When It is

  1. Gator says:

    Too bad not all scientists are historians. Seems far too many these days choose to be histerians instead.

  2. ClimateYogi says:

    Some friends of mine pointed out these articles on Kauai rain to me as well . I’ve lived here over 27 years and it can dump from time to time . About a dozen years ago we had almost 100″” of rain in one month ( on the windward Big Island ) ! I always tell people that when articles use the term “unprecedented” , that it rarely is ! Thank you Tony for digging up these gems of historical reference !
    When I was on Kauai last year , we visited Wainiha Valley . I was surprised by the amount of homes right next to the river . The smart homeowners have their houses on 20′ high cinder block foundations !

    • arn says:

      Well-Hawaii is a supergreen paradise.
      And whereever a kind of supergreen fertile paradise exists(eg. dschungels) rain is very common
      and whereever rain is very common the number of heavy rainfalls is logically higher and the peak of rainfall is generally above other regions.

      (but nowadays the run of the mill events are called a climate desaster
      by people for the sake of creating a world wide tax-and it is no coincidence that this BS is pushed by the UN which tries to establish itself as world wide government noone((except oligarchic elites)) has asked for.
      No world wide tax= no UN world wide government.
      That#s why they are so desperate to get controle over other people money.
      No world wide tax=UN is a toothless tiger with a bunch of slimey faggotts.
      World wide tax=UN become a behemoth of centralised power.

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    In chart: US record point rainfalls

    Many years ago I was in a wedding in Smethport, PA. (1965, I think.)
    I did not know of the record rainfall of 1942. Too bad.
    I could have asked the parents of the bride and groom, all long term residents.
    Further, I do have relatives in several towns thereabout, just not in Smethport.
    The largest town in the area is Bradford. Seems to get cold there a lot.
    -27 or so F.; I’ve been colder.

  4. Dino says:

    Edmonton, Alberta May 2002, we had 0.61 metres of rain in an hour, the cloud burst swamped a 20 block area around 149 Street and 87th Avenue, plus put feet of water in people’s basements. The water was running off our deck in a sheet 3 inched thick. Never happened before, hasn’t happened since. Not climate, weather.

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