Climate Engineering Technology

The equipment shown above is the latest technology in climate engineering. Designed by God** – it has the following features.

  1. Converts greenhouse gases into oxygen.
  2. Stores solar energy efficiently, semi-permanently, and at very low cost.
  3. Reduces surface temperatures by converting solar energy into chemical energy, through evaporative cooling, and by creating shade.
  4. Replicates itself, creating even more carbon capture equipment.
  5. Zero cost and requires no mining of lithium or other rare earth elements.
  6. Biodegradable.
  7. Scenic and good for the environment.

** No government funding or climate scientists were involved in the development of this remarkable technology.  Recovering the solar energy requires very low cost equipment, used by both George Washington and Ronald Reagan.

“I can not tell a lie, father”

“Then you will never be a climate scientist, son. Perhaps you should start a new country and be president instead.”

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12 Responses to Climate Engineering Technology

  1. RAH says:

    You forgot Lincoln. Born in a log cabin and learned law reading by the light of the fireplace and known as “The Railsplitter”.

  2. gregole says:

    “…Our estimate is 40 to 47% higher than previous estimates, corresponding to 467 million hectares of forest that have never been reported before. This increases current estimates of global forest cover by at least 9%.”

    And this is in addition to:
    Arctic is doing fine.
    Antarctic is doing fine.
    Storms are not more frequent nor stronger.
    Sea-level rise same as it ever was. Yawn.
    Temperatures are fine.

    CAGW is a politically motivated scam based on much of the public needing a pointless fetish to concern themselves with; in this case, Mann-Made CO2.

    CO2 is plant food.

  3. terak says:

    ** born through evolution.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    Great post.

    For some entertainment, search for images of large trees.
    Generic works, but largest Oak, largest White Pine, largest Cypress, and so on are nice. Also, largest in Country X.

  5. Simon Platt says:

    That’s the front-runner in the caption of the century competition.

  6. Klem says:

    Near where I live a vertically integrated forestry company has been replanting trees for at least 60 years, they claim to plant about 20 million trees a year and have planted almost 1 billion in total.

    It’s funny that environmental groups never praise the company for doing this. They ignore it.

    It’s also funny that most countries persuing a so called ‘climate change strategy’ almost never include the planting of trees as part of that strategy. Weird huh?

  7. frederik wisse says:

    Missing NASA in your summary , they must have spent billions on this topic .

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