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Perjury, Conspiracy, Witness Tampering …

Report: Christine Blasey Ford Ally Monica McLean Pressured Leland Keyser to Change Denial of Brett Kavanaugh Assault | Breitbart Monica McClean is the ex-FBI agent which Blasley coached on how to pass polygraph tests. REVEALED: The Man Accusing Blasey Ford … Continue reading

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Resist Peace And Prosperity

The Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail for the past two years to stop this. Their strategy since the 1930s has been to keep Americans dependent on the government. Barack Obama explained in 2016 that “the jobs aren’t coming … Continue reading

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Important Reminder

An important reminder that women don’t lie, and you aren’t allowed to question them if they do.

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Overheated Atmosphere Update

I’m planning on playing golf in Estes Park in two weeks, but winter has has arrived two months early. Estes Park, CO 10-Day Forecast | Weather Underground Tourists pack Rocky Mountain National Park that time of year looking for elk … Continue reading

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The Enemies Of Conservation

Dr. Donald Allen Deever on Twitter: “Me, former park ranger, Nat’l Geographic guy,”

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