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One Manhattan Every 20 Seconds

Arctic sea ice continues to expand rapidly, and is currently growing at a rate of one Manhattan every 20 seconds. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Bright colors and turning your gaze away from the left – can do wonders for your stature.

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Explain This …

While out walking the dogs, I saw a very interesting car wreck in front of the Farmer’s Insurance building in North Phoenix this morning, but have no idea how this could have happened.

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After NOAA Adjustments

When government agencies tamper with data, they are guaranteed to get whatever result they want.

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The Heatwave And Flooding Of October, 1927

On October 28, 1927 almost 40% of the US was over 80 degrees, including 90 degree temperatures as far north as Illinois.  A few days later, the worst flooding in Vermont’s history occurred. This was just as the worst flooding … Continue reading

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Socialists Blaming The Jews

In 1934, the German National Socialist Party blamed the Jews for the world’s problems. 13 Jul 1934, Page 1 Modern socialists have adopted exactly the same policy, targeting the survivors of the Holocaust. Anti-Israel, pro-BDS candidates are the future in … Continue reading

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