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1970 Global Cooling Fires In California

Experts say California never November fires before, and it is caused by global warming. On this date in 1970, fires raged out of control in California, the deadliest cyclone on record killed more than 500,000 people in Bangladesh, and it … Continue reading

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Veterans Day In Arizona

Arizona Senate: Kyrsten Sinema’s anti-war group blasted ‘U.S. terror,’ depicted soldier as skeleton in 2003 flyers – CNNPolitics

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The Empire Strikes Back

Fox News had an amazing editorial the other day, claiming that Mueller is not biased and that Rosenstein turned the investigation over to Mueller in order to take it away from Peter Strojk. Ex-FBI Agent: President Trump, don’t say ‘You’re … Continue reading

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How Democrats Honor Veterans Today

Democrats consider distinguished war veteran Martha McSally to be a “right wing kook”, and are happy about Jeff Flake helping Taliban sympathizer Kyrsten Sinema steal the election. Robert Illes on Twitter: “No the voters of Arizona did the right thing, … Continue reading

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Another Casualty Of Climate Change

Thanks to fears about imminent and devastating sea level rise, you may be able to pick up this home in Florida for less than $159 million. But act quickly – the auction only runs until November 15. Le Palais Royal … Continue reading

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Dems Stealing Yet Another Election

Amazing how all late counting heavily favors Democratic candidates who received less than 50% of the vote on election day.  Just one more adjustment to reality being done by leftists with no integrity and no moral values.

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Armistice Day Blizzard Of 1940

On November 11, 1940 temperatures were very warm in the Midwest, approaching 70 degrees in parts of Illinois. A massive blizzard and temperatures down below 0F moved in over a few hours, and dozens of hunters froze to death in … Continue reading

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Global Warming Forcing Cactus To Relocate

When they think nobody is watching, cactus will fly to a new location. Granite Mountain near Prescott.  Home of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, who died fighting the Yarnell Hill fire three years ago.

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One Hundred Years Ago Today

The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I, was around 40 million. There were 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded. 11 Nov 1918, Page 1 – The Des Moines Register at

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US Permanent Drought Update

Two thirds of the US has had above normal precipitation over the last three years, including nearly half of California. 36mPNormUS.png (688×531) Thirty years ago, James Hansen predicted a huge increase in drought, and said that droughts hardly ever happened … Continue reading

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