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Wettest October On Record In Phoenix

(8) NWS Phoenix (@NWSPhoenix) | Twitter Phoenix has had more than 50% of average annual rainfall – just in the last 13 days. I had this conversation with a solid conservative Republican a few months ago. Propaganda works!

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The Arizona Basket Of Deplorables

Last weekend I went to hear Martha McSally speak.  She was the first US woman fighter pilot, and is the Republican candidate to take over Jeff Flake’s senate seat. She is a tiny woman, but very impressive and overflowing with … Continue reading

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Rain Man

I brought record cold to Washington DC in January, record snow and cold to Philadelphia in February and March, and am now bringing record autumn rain to Phoenix. But before the rain started this morning, we got a nice hike … Continue reading

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Understanding Democrats And The Press

The seemingly irrational and continuously dishonest behavior of Democrats and the press may seem confusing, but is really quite easy to understand. No matter how hard they tried lied, they simply couldn’t keep control of the swamp. Presidential poll: Hillary … Continue reading

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Plummeting October 13th Temperatures In The US

October 13 used to be a warm day in the US, but over the past 80 years, October 13 afternoon temperatures have dropped sharply.  On this date in 1940, Danville, Illinois was 98 degrees. Yesterday’s maximum at Danville was 41 … Continue reading

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CO2 – The Most Powerful Substance In The Universe

Last week, climate scientists blamed slow moving, rapidly weakening storms like Florence on global warming. Hurricane Florence is a climate change triple threat | Michael Mann | Opinion | The Guardian This week, they blame fast moving, rapidly intensifying storms … Continue reading

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1926 Miami Hurricane Blamed On Sunspots

Miami was wiped out by a category four hurricane in 1926, which killed hundreds of people and was blamed by scientists on sunspots. That was before scientists were paid to blame hurricanes on CO2. 20 Sep 1926, 14 – Evening … Continue reading

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NSIDC Cheating – Yet Again

In their ongoing efforts to misinform the public about the non-demise of Arctic sea ice, NSIDC “forgot” to advance the age of the ice in week 37 last year – until they got called out on it. NSIDC News on … Continue reading

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Washed Away By The Storm Surge

The wood framed six-plex at 113 South 39th St. in Mexico Beach, Florida was washed away by the storm surge, while the newer neighboring houses on stilts suffered minimal damage to their second and third stories. Most of the homes … Continue reading

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Cyclone Tracy

On Christmas Day, 1974 – at the peak of the ice age scare – winds from category 4 Cyclone Tracy destroyed 90% of the homes in Darwin, Australia.

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