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Hillary To Win By 12%

Two years ago this weekend, CNN announced that Hillary was up by 12%. Presidential poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 12 – CNNPolitics On October 24, Hillary was so far ahead, she didn’t think about Donald Trump anymore. Hillary … Continue reading

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Science And The Pope

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Caution : Sensitive Material

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Golf In Estes Park

This is rutting season for elk, and tourists are flocking to Rocky Mountain National Park and fighting over parking spots to get a glimpse of them.  Most of the elk are actually on the golf course, where the biggest challenge … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Increasing For Ten Years

I calculated average Arctic sea ice thickness by dividing DMI volume by MASIE extent.  Average ice thickness has been increasing for a decade, and this year had the third highest maximum thickness and highest minimum thickness since the start of … Continue reading

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